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专四题型分值比例及考试时间   2009年英语专业四级考试全真试题

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1. B     2.C     3.D     4.C    5. A

6.D     7.B      8.C    9. A     10.D

11.C   12.A   13.B   14. B   15. D

16.A.  17.D  18.C   19.D    20.A

21.B   22.C   23.A   24.B   25.A

26.A    27.B   28.C  29.A   30.C


31. A detected 32. B and  33. B point  34. D with  35. C aches

     36. A progress  37. C mechanical  38. D generally  39. B might 40. C developing

     41. B that  42. A so  43. D transmission  44. C newly  45. B through

     46. A for  47. D contract  48. C disease  49. B linger   50. C surfaces


51. C    52. B    53. D    54. A    55. B

56. A    57. C    58. A    59. D    60. D

61. A    62. C    63. B    64. C    65. D

66. A    67. C    68. B    69. A    70. D

71. B    72. D    73. C    74. A    75. D

76. B    77. D    78. A    79. C    80. C



Text A
81. B When one is running
82. A Mechanical
83. D By making agricultural machinery
84. D Farmers, biologists and engineers

Text B
85. C Fake foning is a new cellphone service
86. A A strategy to avoid people
87. D Appoeared absorded in conversation
88. B One has to be careful while fake foning
89. B Immediately started tallking to his colleague.
90. B Humorous

Text C
91. B She couldn't move the cursor
92. B She was there to make the callers frustrated
93. D Unacceptable
94. A The technician's proposal would make things even worse
95. C setup CDs

Text D
96. C He used it to ask for a Christmas tip
97. B Didn't realize why Raoul delivered the paper that way
98. D Forced
99. B He failed to collect the money from the bank
100.A ED was desperate to correct his mistake

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09专四听写部分参考答案 (周玉亮版本)

For many people in the west, New Year’s Eve is the biggest party of the year. It’s time to get togethor with friends or family and welcome in the coming year. New Year’s parties can take place in different places. Some people hold a house party; others attend street parties, while some just go for a few drinks with their friends. Big cities have large and spectacular fireworks displays. There is one thing that all New Year’s Eve parties have in common, the countdown to midninght. When the clock strikes 12, people give a loud cheer and sing songs. It’s also popular to make a promise in the New Year. This is called a New Year’s resolution. Typical resolutions include giving up smoking and keeping fit. However the promise is often broken quite quickly and people are back into their bad habits within weeks or days.