Qingming Festival  清明节

“清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。借问酒家何处有,牧童遥指杏花村。”I bet most of you have learned this poem. 这首诗里讲的就是我们国家的一个传统节日——清明节.
Qingming Festival is also a festival to enjoy the beautiful spring. 清明节在古代又叫踏青节,

刚刚过完整蛊搞怪的愚人节,我们又迎来了肃穆的清明节。清明既是一个节气,也是一个节日。通常在每年的4月4号或者5号。它是由古代的寒食节发展而来的。This is a story about the Hanshi Festival. 它发生在2000多年前春秋时代的晋国。

Chong Er was one of the princes but his father didn't like him. Some bad people told his father that Chong Er was going to rebel. So he had to run away from the country.

In the mountains, they didn't get enough food. Chong Er almost starved to death.


Years later, Chong Er became the King of the Jin Kingdom. He wanted to thank Jie and asked him to be his minister, but Jie refused. 后来介子推在大火中不幸被烧死了。晋王重耳非常伤心,命令百姓在介子推去世那天不许生火做饭,只能吃冷食。这就是“寒食节”的由来。

从那时起人们都在这天祭奠祖先和纪念先烈,寒食节渐渐演变成了清明节。人们在这一天会去扫墓,怀念家里去世的亲人。所以英语里这一天也叫做“Tomb-sweeping Day”。

Chinese usually sweep tombs and fly kites on this day. Because Jie died at the foot of a willow, Chinese also cut sticks of willow and hang them over their gates.

清明的时候人们也纷纷出来放风筝。We usually fly kites in the daytime, but on that day,in some places, people fly kites at night. How can they see their kites at night? They tie some little lights to the kites.



It is said that in this way people will also be protected from bad luck and disease.. F

清明节是中国的传统节日。However, there are similar festivals in many other countries.

墨西哥人每年会过“亡灵节”。The Day of the Dead is on November 2. 传说死去亲人的亡灵在这一天会回家探亲。Candles are lit to help them find the way home. A lot of food and drink are prepared for them at home. 亲戚们会聚在一起怀念逝去的亲人。

朝鲜和韩国也有清明节。The Koreans don't cook on this day. They only eat cold food. They also plant trees on this day.