Chocolates, flowers and wine
You have different options when it comes to choosing a gift!

 My name is Li Jie. My question is about some social etiquette. For example, what do you normally bring to a party as a guest? Who pays when you go out as a group?
Li Jie, China

It's not unusual to go out for a meal with colleagues from work or to be invited to a friend's house for dinner. What do you need to prepare if you accept such an invitation?

There are certain social conventions that British people take for granted that a foreigner may not be aware of. For example, what are the most appropriate presents for a guest to bring to a party? Do you always need to bring something or can you just turn up empty-handed? How do people pay for a group meal in a restaurant?

Yang Li and Finn Aberdein hear from a number of people to find the answers.

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