Know your rights 了解你的权利
  automatic right 当然的权利
  work extra time 加班
  smoking policy 有关吸烟的政策
  staff complaints 员工投诉
  bulletin 公告
  plaintiff 原告
  tribunal 法庭
  industrial tribunal 劳资仲裁庭
  rule 裁定,裁决
  tribunal rules 法庭裁决
  cloudy 忧郁的
  legal action 法律诉讼
  law firm 法律事务所
  employment law 劳工法
  employment appeal tribunal 劳工诉讼法庭
  fellow colleagues 同事
  a series of 一系列
  solve the problem 解决问题
  to draw up/formulate a policy 起草一份政策规定
  contractual obligation 合同义务
  smoking bans 禁烟令
  grievance 牢骚,不满
  to be faced with 面对
  absent from work 缺勤
  priorities 以重要性为顺序安排工作
  sack 解雇
  poor time keeping 时间管理能力差
  sexual harassment 性骚扰
  front page of a newspaper 报纸头版
  curriculum vitae 个人简历
  a packet of photocopier paper 一包复印纸
  Speaking: discuss the following questions about smoking in the workplace.
  Should employees have an automatic right to smoke at work?
  Should employers be allowed to ask smokers who take frequent smoking breaks to work extra hours?
  How can employers balance the interests of smokers and non-smokers?
  What should employers do if they cannot meet the needs of both smokers and non-smokers?
  make regulation for smoking in the workplace 制定关于在工作场所吸烟的规定
  non-smokers have to do passive smoking 不吸烟者只得被动吸烟
  strictly follow the rules 严格遵守各项规则
  to abuse a system 滥用制度
  a draw up/formulate a policy 起草一份政策规定
  to observe rules and regulations 遵守规章制度
  deal with the employer’s complaints/grievances 处理员工的申诉
  to consult staff on this issue 在这一问题上听取员工的意见
  Speaking: do you think the decision of the EAT was fair? Why/why not?