Black Monday (股市狂跌的) 黑色星期一

Blockbuster 大力促销,生意兴隆
e.g. All the major groups are currently looking for the block buster remedies of the twenty-first century which will keep their profits at current levels. 目前所有的大型企业都在寻找如何在21世纪大力促销的灵丹妙药,以使利润保持目前水平。

Block release (到高校进行一周或几周的)短期脱产进修
e.g. We are short-staffed at the moment as two of our team are on block release. 我们目前人手不足, 因为小组里有两人脱产学习。

Blue chip 1 蓝筹股, 绩优股
e.g. She put her money into blue chips .她把钱投资在绩优股上
Blue chip 2
e.g. Private investors unwilling to tolerate high levels of risk can reduce this uncertainty by buying shares in blue chip companies.

e.g. Blue-collar workers work in the factory.
e.g. The Anglo-German industrial chemical company, announced that it is to cut 600 blue-collar jobs in a series of downsizing measures at three of its British plants.

e.g. He is chairman of the board.

Board game
e.g. Board games and simulations are fun, time-efficient and allow managers to experience situations without the fear of failure.
e.g. In most of these board games, teams are required to manage an organization or practise skills which they will need in their day-to-day working life.

Board meeting
e.g. The takeover will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Board of directors
e.g. The Board of directors is responsible for deciding on and controlling the strategy of a corporation or company.

e.g. the issue of ethics in the workplace is now of such importance that it needs to be incorporated into in-company development programs for all employees, from the shop floor to the boardroom
Bond 债券
e.g. Government bonds are usually considered to be a safe investment.

Bonus 奖金
e.g. We will pay everyone an extra bonus at Christmas.

Bonus point 消费(奖励)积分
e.g. These bonus points add up to free air miles or cash discounts.

Bonus share 红利股
e.g. Free shares are given to long-term share holders are called bonus share.

Book-entry security 记账式证券(由财政部或政府机构发行的证券,无须进行实物票据的转移,避免了遗失和被窃的可能性,而且还降低了处理成本)

Book for visitors’ suggestions 顾客留言本
e.g. The hotel has a book for visitors’ suggestions about improvement.

Booking manager 订房(票)部经理

brand extension
eg: 1 The Coca-Cola Company might have been wiser to leave the old Coke alone and introduce New Coke as a brand extension.
      可口可乐公司本应聪明一点, 让老牌可乐照卖不误,同时将新口味可乐作为品牌延伸推向市场.
      2. The idea behind a brand extension strategy is that customers will accept the new product because they are already familiar with the brand name.
       品牌延伸策略背后的理念在于, 顾客因为已经熟悉某种品牌名称而接受新产品

brand identification
eg:   Brand identification insures shelf placement and other advantages in the distribution process.

brand image
eg: Mercedes cars have a quality brand image
brand leader
We are doing a survey to find out which is the brand leader in the coffee market.
brand loyalty
eg: 1 . The objective of advertising is to build up brand loyalty.
      2.  Customers with a strong sense of brand loyalty are rarely prepared to switch to a new competitior.
brand -making
eg: Despite the Brand -Making Mystique, the Tangible Trademark is strong financial returns.
brand name
eg: 1 The enormous strength of the McDonald's brand name has helped the company to enter new markets all over the world.
    2  Proctor and Gamble has significant distribution power because of the strength of their brand name.
brand consultants  品牌咨询公司
eg: A recent survey of 1000 people by brand consultants Cook &Pearson concludes that shoppers will continue to buy a wider range of goods and services from supermarkets.
brand enhancing  品牌提升
eg: One company says that its on-hold marketing programme, combinging messages with 'brand enhancing' music , reduces hang-ups by 50 per cent and increases sales by up to 20 per cent .