For four years in a row(连续四年)
a year-on-year increase(比上年增加)
reform and opening up policy(改革开放政策)
social programs(社会事业)
per capita(每人的,人均的)
after adjusting for inflation(扣除价格因素)
moderately prosperous society(小康社会)
macroeconomic regulatory(宏观调控)
new socialist countryside(社会主义新农村)
pursuant to the law(依法)
rural migrant workers in cities(农民工) a
surplus production capacity(生产力过剩)
opened to traffic(通车)
energy conservation(节能)
state-owned enterprises(国有企业)
civil servant(公务员)
made breakthroughs(取得突破)
compulsory education(义务教育)
miscellaneous fees(杂费)
boarding schools(寄宿制学校)
distance education(远程教育)
secondary vocational schools(中等职业学校)
incorporated villages(行政村)
unincorporated villages(自然村)
After years of effort(经过多年努力)
basic cost of living allowances(最低生活保障)
autonomous regions(自治区)
free our minds(解放思想)
keep pace with the times(与时俱进)
Chinese socialism(中国特色社会主义)
social harmony(社会和谐)
special administrative regions(特别行政区)
prudent fiscal policy.(稳健的财政政策)
boosting domestic demand(扩大内需)
displaced residents((三峡)移民)
non-publicly funded schools(民办学校)
school year(学年)
communicable diseases(传染病)
social safety net(社会保障)
discharged military personnel(退伍军人)
pyramid schemes(传销)
pilot project(试点)
Income Tax(所得税)
futures market(期货市场)
high value-added(高附加值)
cutthroat competition(恶性竞争)
combat corruption(反腐)
hand over foot(大手大脚)
plug up loopholes(堵塞漏洞)
People's Armed Police(武警)
starting point and objective(出发点和落脚点)
socialist market economy(社会主义市场经济)
Scientific Outlook on Development(科学发展观)
harmonious socialist society(社会主义和谐社会)
tailor measures to suit local conditions(因地制宜)
South-to-North Water Diversion Project(南水北调)
administrative examination and approval(行政审批)
follow a realistic and pragmatic approach(实事求是)
exercise activities for the general public(全民健身活动)
large-scale development of the western region(西部大开发)
processing industry for agricultural products(农产品加工业)
municipalities directly under the central government(直辖市)
primary, secondary and tertiary industry(第一第二第三产业)
deliver a good report to the people.(向人民交出满意的答卷)
socialist cultural and ethical progress(社会主义精神文明建设)
give full play to the initiative of each.(充分发挥各自的积极性)
registering the third consecutive annual increase(连续三年增加)
physically and mentally challenged persons(残疾人,肢残和智残)
resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society.(资源节约型和环境友好型社会)
ensure that all of the people share in the fruits of reform and development.(让全体人民共享改革发展的成果)