The greedy coach

  Celia’s father had a grim expression. He had filed a grievance against celia’s gymnastics coach. Today, he was a bit grumpy because the committee was scheduled to make its decision.
  “please don’t grudge anyone for what happened,” celia said to her father, she gulped her water, “it was my fault for missing the bar.” Celia was a guileless girl. Even though her coach was often grouchy, she maintained a broad smile and a good attitude.
  The trouble began when her coach became greedy. He had made a profitable deal with a businessman to do a gymnastic exhibition on the beach near the gulf. He asked the best members of the team to perform at the exhibition under the guise of an official school requirement. To make more money for himself, he guaranteed that the team would perform outdoors, regardless of the weather, unfortunately, it turned out to be a windy day. The gym equipment was in poor condition. Overuse had grinded the grips smooth. The coach grumbled about it but still required the team to perform.
  Celia was the first to go on the parallel bars. She gripped the bars tightly during her acrobatic routine. However, as she soared in the air during her double flip, a strong gust of wind blew her out of position. Her hands blindly groped for the bars as she came back down. She missed them and hit her head on the apparatus. Blood gushed from her wound. The injury grieved her coach but the damage had already been done.
  “we cannot tolerate guile of any kind,” said the chairman of the committee. “you took advantage of your students. They believed in you , not because they were gullible, but because they were loyal. You are hereby suspended indefinitely.”
  “我们不能容忍任何形式的欺骗,”委员会的主席说。“你利用了你的学生。他们相信了你,不是因为他们容易受骗,而是因为他们对你忠诚。由此,你被 无限期地停职。”
  Greedy adj.贪婪的论坛
  Grievance n.委屈,抱怨,不满
  Grieve v.(使)悲伤,(使)伤心
  Grim adj.冷酷的 不吉祥的
  Grind vt.磨碎,碾碎
  Grip v.紧握,紧抓,吸引注意力
  Grope vi.摸索,探索
  Grouchy adj.不悦的,愠怒的
  Grudge v.吝啬,不满,恶意
  Grumble v.发牢骚,抱怨
  Grumpy adj.脾气坏的,性情乖戾的
  Guarantee vt.保证,担保
  Guile n.欺骗,狡诈
  Guileless adj.不狡猾的,诚实的
  Guise n.1、外观,装束 2、伪装
  Gulf n.海湾