Intent 目的,意向 goal
  Administered 管理 managed
  Periphery 外围 outer edge
  Inception 起初beginning
  Fabricating 构成,虚构constructing
  Resort to 采取using
  Ingenuity 机灵,灵巧resourcefulness
  Functional 有功能的,有用的usable
  Significant 有意义的meaningful
  Attained 获得reached
  Flamed 燃烧burned论坛
  Encompass包围,环绕 include
  Came to the forefront 来到最前线/变得很重要 became important
  Hinged on 依赖 depended on
  Lured 引诱attracted
  Expendable消费品,可以牺牲的 nonessential
  Notwithstanding 尽管despite
  Intricate 错综复杂的complex
  Random 任意的unpredictable
  Optimal 最佳的,最理想的best
  Urged 催促encouraged
  Carried on 继续 continued
  Diverse 不同的varied
  Ensures确保 guarantees
  Suitable 合适的,适宜的appropriately
  Scares 稀有rare
  Resemble 类似look like
  Coarse 粗糙的crude
  Brittle易碎的,脆弱的 easily broken
  Appreciated赏识,意识到 recognized
  Merely 仅仅only
  Emitting 发出producing
  Spanning 跨越 cover
  Pursue 追赶catch
  Altogether 完全的completely
  Intensive 集中的,透彻的concentrated
  Prevailed 流行,盛行dominated
  Depicted 描述described
  Foremost 首要的 leading
  Meteoric流星的,迅速的 rapid
  Apace with 快速的,急速的as fast as
  Wider 宽广的more extensive
  Thereby 因此,在那方面by that means
  Unique 唯一的,独特的singular
  Rotting 腐烂的decaying
  Key 关键的important
  Converted修改 changed
  Antecedent 先行的的,先辈predecessor
  Appealing吸引人的 attractive
  Local 场所place来源:考
  Boosted推进 raised
  Scope 范围extent
  Prolific多产的,丰富的 productive
  Eager 热心的,渴望的enthusiastic