Engaged使用,雇佣 hire
  Subsequent后来的 later
  Sums 总数amounts
  Identical同样的 exactly alike
  Graphic生动的,鲜明的 vivid
  Undoubtedly 毫无疑问的certainly
  Components 组成部分parts
  Besides 除此之外in addition to
  Flourished繁荣,昌盛 thrived
  Grumbled 抱怨,牢骚complained
  Serve服务,适合 function
  Sole 唯一的only
  Detecting 发现finding
  Sedentary久坐的,不活动的 inactive
  Subjected 受影响的exposed
  Essence 本质,精华basic nature
  Diverse 不同的different
  Noted 注意到 observed
  Emphasize 强调stress
  Account for 解释,说明explain
  Smooth operation 顺利进行 effective functioning
  Cluster 成群 group
  Alert 警惕 ware
  Scurrying 急跑,匆忙走rushing
  Formidable 艰难地,令人敬畏的difficult
  Intent 目的,意向 purpose
  Regardless of 不管,不顾no matter what
  Marked 显著地noticeable
  Confine 限制 restrict
  Presumably 推测,大概 probably
  Sustain 支撑,持续 support
  Insignificant 无关紧要的unimportant
  Ultimately 最后,最终 eventually
  Demise 死亡 death源: