Precarious 不稳定的 uncertain
  Settled 固定的 stable
  Chronicle 记载,记录,编年史 describe
  Ornate 装饰的,华丽的 elaborate
  Derived from 起源 based on
  Various 不同的,多样的different
  Account for 解释 explain
  Subjugated 征服 conquered
  Synonymous with 同义的 equivalent to
  Excavating 挖掘 digging
  Agents 动因,代理人 causes
  Aided 帮助的 helped来源
  Estimated 评估 judged
  Pry off 翘起 remove
  Littered 杂乱堆满,乱丢 covered
  Preserved 保持,保存 protected from destruction
  Constant 持续的,一致的 consistent
  Attained 达到,获得 achieved
  Resumed 再继续,重新开始 began again
  Attests to 证明 give evidence of
  Drab 单调的 dull
  Prominent 显著的,突出的 noticeable
  Yet 仍,至今 so far