Surge 汹涌,激增 sharp increase
  Unprecedented 空前的,前所未闻的 not seen before
  Obscure 模糊的,朦胧的 unclear
  Display 陈列展示 exhibit
  Load 负荷,重担 weight
  Precise 精确的 accurate
  Exercise 训练,使用 utilize
  Elicit 得出,引出 bring out
  Probe 探查 explore
  Prolific 多产的,丰富的 fruitful
  Ideal 理想的perfect来源:考
  Standard 标准 customary
  Strain 疲劳,紧张 stress
  Accordingly 因此,从而 consequently
  Teeming with 充满了,丰富的 full of
  Resemble 类似,模仿 appear similar to
  Postulated 假定,假设 suggested
  Depended 依靠 relied
  Subscribed 订阅,赞成 agreed with
  Stunning 极好的 impressive 感人的,印象深刻的
  Spawn 产生,制造 create
  Partitioning 分割,划分 division
  Enhances 增强,提高 increased
  Transition 转换,过渡 change
  Ignited 点燃 set on fire