Intriguing 迷人的 fascinating
  Endless 无止境的 continuous连续的
  Adequate 充分的,足够的 sufficient
  Rather than 胜于 instead of 而不是
  Forage 觅食 search for food
  Intermittently 间歇地periodically周期性的
  Furnish 供应,提供 provide
  Oscillating 震荡,摇摆 swinging
  Ultimately 最终 in the end
  Compelling 强迫地,又说服力的 forceful
  Exceptional 异常地,意外地 remarkable 不平常地,显著地
  Enhancement 增加/进 improvement
  Revitalize 新生 bring new life to
  Executing 执行,制造 producing
  Allay 减轻,减少 reduce
  Permeated 弥漫,渗透 spread through
  Testimony to 证词/明evidence of
  Hardiest 坚硬 most vigorous
  Framework 框架,结构 structure
  Prolonged 延长的extended
  Encounter 遭遇 meet
  Fortuitous 偶然的,幸运的lucky
  Thwarted 阻挠,挫败 frustrated失败的,落空的
  Scattered 分散的irregularly distributed
  By virtue of 由于 because of
  Circumscribed 限制 restricted
  Indeterminate 不确定的uncertain
  Enveloped 包围着 surrounded 环绕地
  Gradually 逐渐地 by degrees
  At any rate 无论如何 regardless 不管