dimension : measurement in length; width or height; size or extent
TYPICAL USE: He ordered wallpaper for a room of the following dimensions:16ft. Long, 12ft. Wide, and 8ft. High..

erase : rub out ;wipe clean; remove
TYPICAL USE: He erased the wrong answer and wrote in the right one.

growl :make a deep, low ,angry sound .
TYPICAL USE: The dog was angry and growl at the stranger.

lick : take up with the tongue .
TYPICAL USE: The cat licked up the drops of milk from the floor.

postage : the amount paid anything sent by mail .
TYPICAL USE: The postage for airmail is greater than that for regular mail

poultry : domestic farm birds raised for food ;domestic fowls
TYPICAL USE: This market has fresh poultry for sale at the beginning of every month.

prick : make a very tinny hole with a sharp point .
TYPICAL USE: When she was sewing she pricked her finger and made it bleed.

undergo :pass through; experience ;suffer
TYPICAL USE: She underwent a through examination at the hospital according to the doctor’s order

wharf a platform built for ships’ loading and unloading dock; pier
TYPICAL USE: Passengers were waiting on the wharf to board the ship.

skim move swiftly in a path near or touch a surface
TYPICAL USE: I watched many seabirds skimming the waves looking for food.

1. You may have to __1__ disappointment and failure before experiencing success.
2. He __2__ through the newspapers over breakfast.
3. We walked her to the __3__and put her aboard the ship .
4. The teacher __4__ the letters on the blackboard。
5. The __5__ for airmail is 50 cents.
6. She got her finger __6__ by a thorn.
7. The farm breeds a wide range of __7__ .
8. Thunder __8__ in the distance .
9. What are the __9__ of the box..
10.My dog likes __10__ my face .

1. undergo v. 经历;经受;忍受
2. skimmed v.浏览,略读 ; 使掠过;掠过
3. wharf n. 码头;停泊处
4. erased v. 擦掉,抹去
5. postage n.邮费
6. pricked v. 刺痛;刺伤
7. poultry n. 家禽
8. growled v. 咆哮;轰鸣
9. dimensions n.尺寸;面积
10.licking v. 舔