1. I'm not myself  我烦透了

2、Don't bother me!  别烦我!

3、Give me five more minutes please。  再给我五分钟时间好吗?

4、How did you sleep?  你睡的怎么样?

5、Don't hog the bathroom!  别占着卫生间了!

6、Don't hog the shower.   别占着浴室了!

7、Don't hog my girlfriend.  别缠着我的女朋友了!

8、Get outta there!   快出来!

9、I will treat you 。 我请客。

10、What are you in the mood for?  你想吃什么?

11、Whois gonna drive?   谁来开车?
    Who's driving?

12、You know what I mean?  你明白我的意思吗?

13、Could you run that by me again?  你能再说一遍吗?

14、So what you are trying to say is...   那么,你想说的是...

15、Whadja do last night?  昨晚你干嘛去了?
    Whadja=What did you

16、Didja have a good time?  玩的开心吗?
    didja=did you

17、Where wouldja like to go tonight?  今晚你想上哪儿?
   Wouldja=Would you

18、I am running late.  我要迟到了。

19、I've gotta get outta here.  我得离开这儿了。

20、I've gotta catch the bus. 我要去赶公共汽车了。

21、gotta=got to
    wanna=want to
    gonna=going to

22、Yo__taxi!  嗨,出租车!

23、Where to ? (你)要去哪儿?

24、I want to go to...   我要到...地方去。

25、What do I owe you ?  我该付你多少钱?

26、Let me out here.  让我在这儿下车。

27、HI! What's up, buddy?  嗨! 还好吗?,伙计?

28、What'cha been doing?  这些日子在干什么呢?
    What'cha=What have you

29、How ya' been?   这些日子过的怎么样?
    HOw ya' been=How have you been?

30、I'm fine.  我很好。

31、Do I have any messages?  有人给我留言吗?

32、What's on the schedule for today?  今天有那些日程安排?

33、Has the boss come in yet?  老板来了吗?

34、Hello! This is Hogan,is William in?
  你好! 我是Hogan,请问William 在吗?

35、May I take your message? He is not in.  

36、I'm really busy. Can I call you back later?

37、Thank you for your time,goodbye!

38、Are you doing anything tonight/this weekend/tomorrow?

39、If you are not busy tonight, would you like to go out with me?

40、Mayby we can get together sometime.

41、You look beautiful tonight.

42、I've really had a good time tonight.

43、I'd like to see you again sometime.

44、How was your day?

45、HOw are things at work?

46、How are things at the office?

47、How are thing at school?  今天在学校(过的)怎么样?

48、You'll never believe what happened to me today at shool/work.

49、YOu look great! Have you been working out?

50、I need to get back in shape.

51、What do you do for exercise?

51、You are something else!

52、YOu are out of sight!

53、You rule!  你太牛了!

54、I've been studing/working my tail off!

55、I've got to cram for a test tomorrow.

56、Hey,How did your English test go?

57、Wow! Holy cow! That's great!

58、oh! No! That's terrible! 噢,太糟糕了!

59、What the heck is that? 究竟是怎么一回事?

60、Hey,what the heck is going on?

61、Darn it all! Gush! Darn it! 该死的!

62、Get to the point. 言归正传。

63、as a matter of fact  事实上

64、to get cold feet  吓的毛发直竖。

65、to give someone the cold shoulder  冷落某人

66、How did you say this word? 这个单词该怎么发音

67、I don't understand. 我不知道。

68、What's for breakfast? 早餐有些什么?

69、What do you want to have for breakfast?

70、Would you like some coffee,juice or milk?

71、step into my office 到我办公室来!

72、Can I see you in my office? 到我办公室来一下好吗?

73、Can I talk with you for a little while? 我能和您谈谈吗?

74、I am a little a bit busy right now,can we talk later?

75、Sure,no problem,right away! 没问题,马上就来!

76、What is it you wanted to talk to me about? 你想和我谈什么?

77、What is it? 你向谈什么?

78、Thank you very much for your time. 多谢您能抽空和我谈话。

79、Can you give me a hand? 能帮帮我吗?

80、Sure,no Porblem. 当然,没问题。

81、Now's a bad time. Can we do it later?

82、Thanks  for the hand. 谢谢您帮忙!

83、Can I buy you a drink? 我能请您喝一杯吗?

84、This one's on me . 我请客。

85、I'll drink to that! 我同意!

86、Would you like another round? 想再喝一圈吗?

87、I've had a hard day. 我今天过的真糟糕。

88、I'm fed up with... 我实在难以忍受...

89、I'm sick and tired of ...   我受不了...

90、I've had it up to here with...  我真受不了...

91、I really wish...   我多么希望...

92、Catch you later,buddy! 再见,老兄!

93、Take care! 保重!

94、See ya' later!/See ya'!/Later!  再见!

   Adios! 西班牙语   Ciao! 意大利语    Au revoir!  法语

96、I didn't sleep a wink. 我简直没合过眼。

97、I slept like a log.  我睡的真沉!

98、My job is a nightmare. 我的工作(不好)真是噩梦啊!

99、Is your friend available?  你的朋友有男朋友吗?

100、Oh! She is already taken.  哦!她已经有男朋友了。

101、Do you think she is my type ?  你觉得她合适我吗?

102、I'm gonna go for it. 我要去追!

103、She is available. 她没男朋友。

104、Sorry,I'm all tied up right now.  对不起,我现在很忙。

105、All right.Maybe some other time. 好吧,那就下次吧。

105、I'm sorry,I've already got plans. 对不起,我已经和别人约好了。

106、That'll be the day. 不可能。(说的是反话)(语气上扬,若是肯定则语气下降)

107、Don't bet on it. 不可能。

108、Oh That's a great idea. 哦,你这主意真够傻的。(语气上扬)

109、Now that was a great meal. 这顿饭真够丰盛!

110、Are you up for some dessert? 你要不要来点甜食?

111、I couldn't eat another bite.  我实在吃不下了。

112、The toilet is backed up. 厕所堵上了。

113、The bulb is burnt out.  灯泡烧坏了。

114、to blow a fuse. 保险丝烧断了。

115、You look sick. How are you feeling? 你看起来不太舒服,你感觉怎么样?

116、I'm as sick as a dog. 我病的很重。

117、I'm a little under the weather. 我有点不舒服。

118、I hope you get better soon. 我希望你很快好起来。

119.  This place is like a zoo.         这个地方真热闹.

120.  This is a real hot spot.          这个地区真繁华.

121.  This place is like a tomb.        这个地区真冷清.

122.  He lives in the middle of nowhere.  他离群索居.

123.  Can I try that on?                我可以试穿吗?

124.  How does this look on me?         我穿这件看起来怎么样?

125.  How does it fit?                  这件衣服合不合身?

126.  I'll take it.                     我买下它了.

127.  We're going out.                  我们开始约会了。

128.  I got dumped.                     我被抛弃了。

129.  Me and my girlfriend just broke up. 我刚刚和女朋友分手了。

130.  Come on, it's time to go.         来吧,我们该走了。

131.  Hold on, have we got everything? 等等,我们没忘带什么东西吧?

132.  Where're we headed next?          接下来我们去哪儿?

133.  My computer crashed.              我的计算机系统崩溃了。

134.  The server's down.                服务器坏了。

135.  It's on the fritz.                它出故障了。

136.  Do you know where there's a good hotel.   你知道哪的饭店不错?

137.  What are your rates?              费用多少?

138.  What does that include?           包括了哪些服务?

139.  When is check-out time?           什么时候必须结帐?

140.  I'm here to fix the copier.       我是来修复印机的。

141.  What seems to be the problem?     哪儿出毛病了?

142.  While you're here, could you check the TV.   趁你还在这儿,能不能帮我检查一下电视。

143.  I'm flat broke.                  我身无分文。

144.  Can I bum some money off you ?   借点钱给我,好吗?

145.  I think I can swing that.        我想我应该能借给你一些吧。

146.  How much do you want for that for that?      多少钱肯卖?

147.  That much?             太贵了吧?

148.  I'll tell you what, I'll give you...     那我告诉你吧,我只能出...

149.  Take it or leave it.      如果不行,我就走了。

150.  That's my final offer.    这是我最后的叫价了。

151.  What a dork!   你有多傻呀!

152.  What are you , nuts?!      你疯了吗?

153.  What a jerk!       你这人怎么这样!

154.  How about some lunch?    去吃午饭怎么样?

155.  What do you feel like ?    你想吃点什么?

156.  Could you tell me what's in this?    你能告诉我这种食品有哪些成分吗?

157.  What do you think?   你觉得怎么样?

158.  I could sure use a drink.     我想喝杯酒。

159.  Make it a double.      我要双份的。

160.  Let's have one more for the road.     再喝一杯,咱们就回家吧。

161.  Hay, check that out!    嗨,快看那边!

162.  Is that cool, or what?    那个很不错,你觉得呢?

163.  Watch out!      小心点儿!

164.  I'm worm out!     我太累了。

165.  Take a break     休息了一会儿。

166.  I'm so tired, I can't think straight.  我累的都没法清醒地思考问题了。

167.  Take a nap.   小睡一会儿。

168.  I was caught in traffic.   我今天堵车。

169.  I missed my bus.    我没赶上公共汽车。

170.  I had(got) a flat.   我的车胎没气了。

171.  It won't happen again.    不会再发生类似事件了。

172.  I can't hear myself think.   我被这噪音吵得心烦伊意乱。

173.  Could you keep it down, please?   小声一点,好吗?

174.  Why don't you knock it off?     为什么不把它关掉?