Chicago police deny blue barrel found near woman's body

  Police trying to identify the badly decomposed body of a woman discovered in an industrial area in Chicago, Illinois,denied Saturday that a blue barrel was located near the remains.


  The original mention of a blue container in a statement from Lyons, Illinois, police sparked interest because of the possible tie to Stacy Peterson, 23, who disappeared October 28.

  来自伊利诺伊州里昂的报告首次提到了蓝色的容器,这也让警察对此产生了莫大的兴趣,因为这可能与10月28日失踪的23岁的Stacy Peterson有关。

  Illinois State Police have named her husband, Drew Peterson, a suspect. They have investigated whether the former Bolingbrook, Illinois, police sergeant removed a blue plastic container from his home the night before his wife was reported missing.

  伊利诺伊州立警察局将她的丈夫Drew Peterson列为怀疑对象。他们一直在调查这位前伊利诺伊州博林布鲁克警官是否在他妻子被报失踪的前夜从他家里搬走了一个蓝色的塑料容器。

  Drew Peterson, 53, has consistently said he believes she ran away with another man.

  现年53岁的Drew Peterson坚称,他相信Stacy是跟其他的男人私奔了。

  Chicago Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said on Saturday that no blue barrel was found near the body.

  芝加哥警方女发言人Monique Bond说,星期六,在尸体附近没有发现任何蓝色塑料桶。

  An environmental surveyor from Lyons, Illinois, who was conducting tests at an industrial site in southwest Chicago found the remains Friday afternoon. Police said he called his supervisors to report he‘d seen what appeared to be a human foot and leg.


  The body was transported to the Chicago medical examiner‘s office for autopsy.


  A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department said the body appears to be that of a female with reddish-blond hair.


  A posting on describes the missing woman‘s hair as brown.


  The body was found about 20 miles from the Petersons‘ home, where Drew Peterson said he last saw her, CNN’s Susan Roesgen reported.

  CNN的 Susan Roesgen在报道中称,尸体是在距Petersons家20英里外的地方发现的。Drew Peterson表示他最后一次见到Stacy是在家里。

  Speaking to Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News, Drew Peterson‘s attorney, Joel Brodsky, said local authorities have already asked a state task force working on Stacy Peterson’s disappearance not to get involved.

  Drew Peterson的律师Joel Brodsky在CNN头条新闻对Nancy Grace说,当地警方要求正在对Stacy Peterson失踪案进行调查的州专案组不要搅入本案中来。

  “I can tell you, it is not Stacy,” Brodsky said. “I can guarantee you that.”


  Brodsky offered no proof of his assertion.


  Drew and Stacy Peterson have been married four years and have two children. Drew has other children from a previous marriage.


  Authorities are re-examining the death of Peterson‘s third wife, Kathleen Savio, who was found dead in a bathtub in 2004.

  警方正在对Peterson的第三任妻子Kathleen Savio重新验尸。她在2004年被发现死于浴缸中。(外语教育网 王郅译  原文来自