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migrate  (vi.) 迁移;移居

solstice  (n.) 【天】至


Many birds migrate south for the winter.

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, often on December 21st.


I did not give her any pep talk.


pep talk是非正式说法,指“鼓舞士气的讲话”,“给你打气的话”。
The coach gave his team a pep talk at half time.



At a nighttime festival
Mei: Who are the guys in the hats?
Javier: Those are mariachis. Traditional Mexican musical performers.
Mei: The music is so romantic.
Javier: And so are Latinos. Look at how they act when they're together.
Mei: And they seem so happy. And they treat everyone like family.
Javier: That's the Hispanic spirit. Mi casa es tu casa. It's hospitality at it's finest!
Mei: Hey! I've seen those hanging animals before!


小 美︰那些戴帽子的是谁?
小 美︰这音乐好浪漫。
小 美︰他们看起来好快乐。而且他们对每个人都像家人一样。
哈维亚︰那正是拉丁美洲人的精神。Mi casa es tu casa就是殷勤的待客之道!
小 美︰嘿!我看过那些吊着的动物!


1、 Mi casa estu casa. (西班牙语) ‘我家就是你家’善尽待客之道
2、 hospitality (n.) 好客







6.As a leader, his eyes should be on the way ahead, his energy should be focused on the present and at the same time and he should be thinking of the future.(英译汉)



1. He tried to buy time by talking a lot. 
buy time拖延时间

2. By and large, your idea is a good one.
by and large大体上,基本上,总的说来,全盘看来,大概

3. I buy that book from flowing pedlar there 。

4. All the office workers believe that the appointment of the new director was put up.
put up表示秘密安排某事。

5. If you find this work too difficult to do by yourself, ask your friend to help you.
by oneself独自,靠自己

6.One of the difficult tasks in this world is to convince a woman that even a bargain costs money. (英译汉)
Bargain 有 "廉价货,便宜货"的意思,常被大家忘记





Afar Cattle Herders, Ethiopia, 2005

Zebu cattle driven by Afar herdsmen raise clouds of dust in the baked Danakil Desert near Semerea, Ethiopia. The Danakil is among the most forbidding places on Earth, a land of dry sands, active volcanoes, burning salt flats, temperatures that often top 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius), choking winds, and suffocating days of no wind at all.



Rice Hails US Election as Example to World

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the U.S. presidential election held on November 4 was an example for the world in how a nation can overcome internal differences. Rice spoke at the 15th anniversary of the James Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston Thursday.



In her remarks, Secretary of State Rice addressed the importance of the recent U.S. presidential election for the world and for the United States. She noted that people in far away nations had followed the election campaign, even learning about the Iowa caucuses, which started the process in early January. She also spoke of the significance of Barack Obama becoming the first person of African descent to become president, saying that the United States had shown how democracy can help erase divisions between races and ethnic groups.



"[For] A girl like me who grew up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama to now elect an African-American president is an extraordinary matter," Rice noted, "and it says to the world that differences can be overcome and in a world in which different is still a license to kill, that is an awfully important message."



As she prepares to leave her position as secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice says there are two matters of unfinished business that concern her more than many of the foreign challenges facing the nation. The first, she said, is the need for comprehensive immigration reform so that, as she put it, "people living in the shadows can achieve legal status to live and work in this country." She said anti-immigrant attitudes could undermine one of the things that has made America great.



"Unless we can renew that spirit of wanting to be open to those who want to be part of us, we lose a part of who we are," Rice said.



Rice said the other concern she has for the United States is the state of education. Noting her background as a college professor before becoming a government official, she said she has always believed education is the means for a person from a modest background to achieve great things. Rice said the nation's failure to provide a good education could limit its future.



"It breaks my heart as an educator, but you know, as secretary of state, it terrifies me," she admitted. "Because if we are not able to educate our people, I can assure you we will turn inward, we will protect, we will be afraid of the world. And that will be a disaster for the world because America will not lead if we are not confident that our people are able to compete."



Secretary of State Rice said the world craves American leadership and looks to this country as a place of endless possibilities. She says that makes a domestic issue like education important as a foreign policy issue as well, because education is the key to fulfilling the American ideal that what matters most is not where someone comes from, but what they are able to achieve.










E.M.D.当前瑞典超人气男孩偶像团体,由2007瑞典偶像第5名Mattias Andréasson牵头,力邀2006偶像亚军Erik Segerstedt及第6名Danny Saucedo加入,按照偶像大赛成绩排名,取各自第1个字母命名. 2007年12月19日,团体首只单曲翻唱Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart和Sting合作的金曲"All for Love" 发行,迅速进入瑞典榜,首周TOP2,之后连续5周冠军,共在TOP40榜内停留11周,并取得黄金销量。2008年春团体在瑞典进行了巡回演出,接着,另一只单曲"Jennie Let Me Love You"发行,首周TOP6,并连续6周荣居瑞典单曲榜冠军,且2008年5月,团体首张专辑A State of Mind发行。

Run To You

In a perfect world
I′m no one's fool
I would known to kept my cool
But that′s not the case
I'm not looking good
I'm not backing down but I know I should

But I'm gonna run to u
I'm gonna try and mend my broken heart
I might have lost my mind but nothing seems too far
Yeah yeah
I'm gonna run to u
I'm gonna find a way to heal my soul
I'm gonna run to u don′t u know
I'm gonna run tu u

So why does it hurt
I'm just a guy
Trying to find my way through life

But i′m gonna run to u
I'm gonna try and mend my broken heart
I might have lost my mind but nothing seems too far
Yeah yeah
I'm gonna run to u
I'm gonna find a way to heal my soul
I'm gonna run to u don′t u know
I'm gonna run to u

Should I save myself from this old hell
By letting go
Will I wake up to find that this loves got me blind
I will never ever know

But I'm gonna run to u
I'm gonna try and mend my broken heart
I might have lost my mind but nothing seems too far
Yeah yeah
I'm gonna run to u
I'm gonna find a way to heal my soul
I'm gonna run to u don′t u know
I′m gonna run to u