... no less ... than ...
  結構︰A+動詞+no less+B+than+C+動詞+D
  說明︰此句型意為“A 是 B 和 C 是 D 一樣”。“no less ... than”等於“as ... as”,no less 之後可置<副詞>或 <形容詞>修飾。
  A whale is no less a mammal than a horse is. 鯨魚和馬一樣都是哺乳動物。
  He is no less clever than his elder brother. 他和他的大哥一樣聰明。
  She is no less good at swimming than Mary. 她和瑪麗一樣擅長游泳。
  His parents are no less happy over his engagement than he is (happy over his engagement).
  He studies no less hard than John. 他和約翰一樣用功。
  Associating with good friends is no less important to us than choosing good books.
  A good shirt is no less expensive than a jacket.一件好襯衫的昂貴程度並不比一件夾克衫差。
  Sports wears, no less than suits, are very much saleable.