the more ..., the more ...
  說明︰此句型意為“愈…,就愈…”。若句中的<主詞>為一般<名詞>,而非<代名詞>(he,it,you,they)或<專有名詞>(John,Mary),且後面的<動詞>為 be <動詞>時,該 be <動詞>可省略。
  The more you soften a request, the more polite it becomes.
  The longer you stay here, the more you will like the place.
  The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you will make.
  The more I learn, the less I feel I know. 學而後知不足。
  The closer you stay to nature, the more you will appreciate her beauty.
  The more leisure he has, the less he stays at home. 愈是有空,他愈不肯待在家裡。
  The better the boy (is), the more I like him. 這男孩愈好我愈喜歡他。
  The colder the weather (is), the more comfortable my life (will be).
  The bigger the house (is), the more money it will cost. 房子愈大愈值錢。
  The more haste, the less speed. 欲速則不達。
  The more noble the more humble. 結實愈豐者,其穗愈低。
  More profit and less honor. 捨名逐利。
  The sooner the better. 事不宜遲。
  The more you have, the more you want. 擁有愈多,慾望愈高。
  The more you beat iron the harder it grows. 鐵不煉不成鋼,玉不琢不成器。

  more and more ...
  The noise of traffic grows louder and louder. 交通的噪音變得愈來愈大。
  It is getting hotter and hotter. 天氣愈來愈熱。
  You should study harder and harder. 你應該更用功念書。
  The girl became more and more beautiful. 這女孩變得愈來愈漂亮了。
  With the rapid economical development, China’s position on the international stage is getting more and more important.隨著經濟迅速發展,中國在國際舞台上的地位變得愈來愈重要了。

  ... more ... than ...
  結構︰主詞+be 動詞+more…than…
  You may also find that reading has become more fun than work!
  It is more a made-up story than a real occurrence.那是杜撰的故事,而不是真實發生的事情。
  I was more disappointed than discouraged. 我是失望,而不是洩氣。
  He seems more like a military officer than a business executive.
  He is more a sprinter than a swimmer. 他是短跑健將,而不是游泳選手。
  I am more frightened than hurt. 我嚇壞了而沒有受傷。
  Sue is more beautiful than Jane. 蘇比珍較美。
  The computer is more expensive than the typewriter. 這部電腦比這部打字機更貴。
  People in the country are happier than people in the city.鄉下的人們比城市的人們更快樂。

  N1 more ... than N2
  People have to live on something more nourishing than hope.
  I have never seen a girl more beautiful than Mary. 我從未見過比瑪麗更為美麗的女孩子。
  I want some persons more experienced than Tom. 我要一些比湯姆更有經驗的人。

  more N than + ADJ/V-ed
  結構︰比較級+名詞+than+(be 動詞)+形容詞/過去分詞
  說明︰此句型意為“比…來得更多的…”。be <動詞>通常省略。
  Some people give higher priced gifts than necessary for the situation.
  I did more work than required. 我做了比所被要求的來得更多的工作。
  We were given more money than necessary for the project.