V-ing ... + be + N ...
  結構︰現在分詞…+be 動詞+名詞
  說明︰此句型的<名詞>是句子的<主詞>,所以 be <動詞>要和<名詞>一致。
  Coexisting with such love in the American family are cultural values of self-reliance and independence. 和美國家庭的這種愛同時並存的是自強及獨立的文化價值觀。
  Growing along the river are tall palm trees. 沿著這條河生長的是高大的棕梠樹。
  Lying north of the church is a girls’ senior high school.位於這座教堂以北的是一所女子高中。
  Thinking correctly is ...
  Thinking correctly is important. 思考正確是重要的。
  Living in the big city is convenient. 住在大城市是方便的。
  Reading good books makes us happy. 閱讀好書使得我們快樂。
  ... without + N/V-ing ...
  說明︰此句型意為“<主詞>沒有(不用)…”。without 當“沒有;不用;假如沒有;當…不”解,是<介系詞>,後面接<名詞>(<代名詞>)或<動名詞>,用法相當於“and ... not”或“if(when)…not+<動詞>”。
  I can’t start a fire without matches. 我沒有火柴不能點火。
  We won’t go without you joining it. 你沒有參加的話我們就不去了。
  You can’t see the movie without the ticket. 你沒有票,不能看電影。
  He went to school without breakfast. (=He went to school and did not eat breakfast.)
  I like + V-ing ...
  說明︰此句型意為“某人…做某事”。下列的<及物動詞>後面,常接<動名詞>當<受詞>:like,love, hate,begin,start,try,enjoy,mind,practise。
  I like doing my homework. 我喜歡做我的家庭作業。
  He loves listening to music. 他喜歡聽音樂。
  The boys hate doing homework on Sundays. 男孩們討厭在星期日做家庭作業。
  cannot help + V-ing ...
  結構︰主詞+cannot help+動名詞
  說明︰此句型意為“不得…,不禁…”。這裡的 help 作“抗拒”或“避免”解,此時一定要用<動名詞作受詞>,相當於“<主詞>+cannot but/cannot help but+原形<動詞>”。
  He cannot help loving Mary because of her beauty. 因為瑪麗長得美,他不禁愛上她。
  Whenever I hear the story, I cannot help crying. 每次我聽這故事,就忍不住要哭。
  After learning of his sufferings, I couldn’t help sympathizing with him.
  I cannot help laughing. 我忍不住笑出來。
  I cannot help being poor. 我是窮,可是沒有辦法呀!
  I cannot help wondering about that girl. 我不免對那個女孩感到驚奇。
  I cannot help worrying to hear that there is no steamer this week.
  There is no + V-ing ...
  結構︰There is no+動名詞…
  說明︰此句型意為“做…是不可能的”。等於“It is impossible to+原形<動詞>”或“No one can+原形<動詞>”。
  There is no accounting for tastes. 人各有所好。
  There was no telling what the next assignment would be. 不曉得下一個任務將是什麼。
  There is no reasoning with such a stubborn man as Peter.
  There is no denying that Taiwan is a beautiful island.台灣是座美麗的島嶼,這是不可否認的。
  There is no describing the beauty of the scene. 誰都無法形容這景色的美麗。
  There is no typing up this letter within five minutes. 不可能在五分鐘內打完這封信。