Shop- assistant : Can I help you?
Mrs. Liu : I'm just looking at these jackets.
Shop- assistant : May I know who is it for? Maybe I can give you some suggestions.
Mrs. Liu : Sure, it's for my son.
Shop- assistant : How old is he?
Mrs. Liu : He is eighteen.
Shop- assistant : How tall is he?
Mrs. Liu : He's about five feet eleven inches tall. He's very strong. I always buy him clothes of larger size.
Shop- assistant : I see. How about this one? It's very fashionable.
Mrs. Liu : No. He prefers simple styles.
Shop- assistant : How about this one?
Mrs. Liu : The style is all right, but I'm not sure about the color. He looks good in dark colors, but I always think that a young man should wear something lighter....I don't know. Let me think...
Shop- assistant : That's easy. They come in different colors. Here. There is dark blue, green, brown, black, ivory white, melon yellow, and sky blue.
Mrs. Liu : Well....Can I change it if he doesn't like the color?
Shop- assistant : Of course.
Mrs. Liu : I think I'll take the dark blue one.
Shop- assistant : Very well. That's fifty-nine dollars....Here is your receipt. Thank you, ma'am.

1ighter adj.是light的比较极,此指较明亮的颜色。