Hairdresser : It's been a long time, Mrs. Lee.
Mm. Lee : Yes. I went to Hawaii on a vacation with my husband.
Hairdresser : When did you come back? Did you have a good time?
Mrs. Lee : We came back the day before yesterday. I enjoyed myself there very much. The beach was beautiful. You should go there some day. The sun was lovely, too.
Hairdresser : I will. How would you like to do your hair today? The same style as usual?
Mrs. Lee : I have a special party to attend tonight, and I'd like to change styles....Actually, I'm thinking about a perm. My sister is getting married next month. I think if I have a perm now, then it'll look natural by then. What do you say?
Hairdresser : That's true. Here are some samples of hair styles. What do you think about this one?
Mrs. Lee : No, I don't like short hair....I like this one. The wave looks beautiful, and fits my age too.
Hairdresser : Very well. You're not in a hurry, are you?
Mrs. Lee : No. You can take your time....Oh, I also want a manicure while I'm having the perm.
Hairdresser : OK. The manicurist will be right here.
Mrs. Lee : Thank you. How much will this cost?
Hairdresser : It's one hundred and twenty dollars in all.

1.Perm n.即“permanent wave”烫发,亦可做动词。
2.Manicure n.修剪指甲
3.In all 全部、总计