George : I'd like a haircut, please.
Barber : Would you care for a shave and a shampoo as well?
George : No, thanks. A haircut will be just fine.
Barber : All right. How do you like your hair cut?
George : Don't cut it too short on the sides and the back. Just trim it a little.
Barber : How about on top?
George : You can thin the top out a little, but just a little.
Barber : Very well.
George : Say, my hair is kind of oily, and dandruff bothers me very much. I've tried several shampoos in vain. Can you recommend me something effective?
Barber : Well, have you tried Head And Shoulders? It's supposed to be good for the dandruff.
George : I'll try it.
Barber : And you can try Vidal Sassoon's hair tonic. It's used after you wash your hair. It'll keep your hair clean-looking and oil-free.
George : I'll try that, too. Thank you, barber.
Barber : It's done. That will be five dollars and thirty cents.

1.Haircut n.剪头发
2.Shave n修面,亦可当动词;
3.trim v.修剪
4.Recommend v.推荐