Write More Effectively
  Everyone realizes the importance of writing well. Everyone wants to write well. So why are there so many poor writers? The answer is simple: Patience.
  Everything Coming Together
  Learning to write well is like learning any skill. Take driving. Remember when you first got behind the wheel? It seemed impossible to do everything all at once and still get toswheresyou wanted to go.
  But then, you did learn to drive. Suddenly, instead of focusing on all the separate details of driving a car, you were able to make everything come together. You could relax and enjoy the sights along the way.
  What made the difference? Partly, it was practice. Partly, too, the difference is in your own sense of mastery. You eventually came to believe you were a good driver.
  Writing is the same way. Anyone who chooses to write is a writer. Knowing the rules of the road, and practicing them, is critical to building skills and confidence. With this experience under your belt, you'll no longer agonize at the thought ofshavingsto write something.
  Helpful Hints
  Be concise: Use the fewest words possible. Examples:
  Wordy Concise
  at this point in time now
  in the days and weeks preceeding before
  subsequent to after
  Don't be redundant. Example:
  Redundant Concise
  the unfortunate problem the problem
  Explanation: What problem isn't unfortunate?
  Be forceful. Use the active voice. Verbs come in two voices, active and passive. Generally, active sounds more forceful. Example:
  Passive Active
  The new speed limit was passed by Congress. Congress passed the new speed limit.
  Avoid cliches and jargon. Example:
  Cliche Jargon
  You look as pretty as a picture. We intend to designate new parameters for optimal employee participation.