Mrs. Fu : Hurry up! We don't have much time left.
Mr. Fu : Take it easy. We still have two hours.
Mrs. Fu : Come on! This is my first time ever to take a plane. I don't want anything to go wrong.
Mr. Fu : Let me take care of everything, all right? Now, let's go to the check-in counter.
Airline Clerk : May I see your tickets and passports, please?
Mr. Fu : Here they are.
Airline Clerk : Would you put all your baggage on the scale, please?....Ah, thirty-eight kilos.
Mrs. Fu : Is that inside the free allowance?
Airline Clerk : Yes, we allow twenty kilos each.
Mrs. Fu : That's lucky! (To her husband) What's next?
Mr. Fu : They'll have to check our baggage. Why don't you wait for me upstairs at the refreshment lounge?
Mrs. Fu : All right. (She goes off.)
Airline clerk : Open your baggage, please.
Mr. Fu : Sure. (He opens the bags. The airline clerk examines them.)
Airline Clerk : All right. Thank you, sir.
Mr. Fu : (Upstairs at the lounge.) What did you order for me?
Mrs. Fu : Black coffee. What do we do now?
Mr. Fu : Let me finish this coffee and then we will go to gate 5. They're announcing our flight.
Mrs. Fu : I didn't hear anything.
Mr. Fu : It's on that sign board up there. See? UA 801. At gate 5. Have you payed the check yet?
Mrs. Fu : Yes.
Mr. Fu : Let's go then.

1. checkin n. 指在机场、旅馆的报到
2. free adj. 免费的
3. lounge n. 休息室。”Refreshment lounge”,指可边喝饮料或吃东西、边休息的场所。