Miss Kao : Taxi! Taxi! (A cab stops and she goes in.)
Cab driver : Where to, miss?
Miss Kao : Diamond Hotel on Beach Avenue. How much do you think the fare will be?
Cab driver : Well, about three dollars. I can't tell exactly, but whatever it is, it will show on the meter.
Miss Kao : I took a taxi yesterday from the station to Diamond Hotel, and the driver charged me six dollars.
Cab driver : Was it rush hour?
Miss Kao : No, it wasn't.
Cab driver : Well, there is nothing I can say, miss.
Miss Kao : Do you think he intentionally drove all around instead of driving directly to Diamond Hotel?
Cab driver : No. Why would he want to do that?
Miss Kao : For more money. He thought I was someone who can be taken advantage of.
Cab driver : I wouldn't say that, miss. Any cab driver would lose his license if he got caught doing a thing like that.
Miss Kao : I didn't know that.
Cab driver : Now you know. Are you new in this city?
Miss Kao : Yes. I'll probably stay here for two more weeks.
Cab driver : In that case, you can try to call a cab company to send you a cab next time when you need one. That'll certainly make you feel safer.... Here you are, Diamond Hotel.
Miss Kao : Thank you for the advice. How much is it?
Cab driver : Two dollars and ninty-eight cents.
Miss Kao : Here is three dollars. Keep the change.

1. cab n. 即“taxi',计程车。
2. rush hour 指交通的高峰时间