To ..., Main Clause
  說明︰此類<不定詞片語>通常放在句首,表示目的,修飾<主要子句>。常用的有 to tell the truth(老實說),to do someone justice(替某人說句公道話),to be brief(簡言之),to begin with(首先),to sum up(總之),to make matters worse(更糟的是),so to speak(可以這麼說),needless to say(不用說),to say nothing of sth。(更不用說)等。
  To make sure that he was at home, I called him up in advance.
  To tell the truth, I don’t agree to your plan. 老實講,我不同意你的計劃。
  To do her justice, she is not as bad as you described. 說句公道話,她並沒有你說的那樣壞。
  To sum up, only when strict punishment can be imposed on the lawless, can social stability be maintained. 總之,唯有當嚴刑峻罰加之於違法之徒時,才能維持社會安定。
  Mary is, so to speak, a hardworking student. 瑪麗可說是個用功的學生。
  I can’t speak English, to say nothing of Chinese. 我不會說英語,更別提中文了。
  Needless to say, learning without thinking is useless. 不用說,學而不思則罔。

  ... pretend to ...
  說明︰此句型意為“假裝…”。pretend 後面用 to-不定詞或 that 子句。
  He was pretending to climb a mountain. 他假裝在爬山。
  She pretended not to go. 她假裝不去。
  He pretended to be a good man. 他假裝是好人。
  Let’s pretend (that) we are pirates. 讓我們玩假裝海盜的遊戲吧!

  ... stop to ...
  They just don’t stop to think. 他們就是不停下來想一想。
  They stopped to look into the window. 他們停下來看看櫥窗。
  I have stopped smoking for half a year. 我已經半年不抽煙了。

  ... be meant to ...
  結構︰主詞+be meant+to-不定詞
  說明︰此句型意為“…是有意要…;…是命中注定要…”。“be meant to V”有時變成“be meant for N”。
  Some TV programs are meant to be watched today and forgotten tomorrow.
  He believes he is meant to be a great man. 他相信他命中要成為偉人。
  This dictionary is meant for you. 這本字典是要給你的。

  be + ADJ + to ...
  說明︰<主詞>實際上是 to-<不定詞>的<受詞>,經過轉變而移到句首。
  It was even more pleasing to look at in the morning light.
  The rising sun is especially beautiful to look at from this angle.旭日從這個角度看起來特別美。
  I think she is easy to please. 我想她是很容易討好的。

  ... be likely to ...
  結構︰主詞+be likely+to-不定詞…
  說明︰此句型意為“…可能…”。likely 表示具有充分根據的預測。有時<句型>可變為“It is likely that ...”。
  One’s first impression is likely to be that everyone is in a rush.
  He is likely to arrive at any time. 他可能隨時會到。
  His health is likely to get worse. 他的健康可能會惡化。

  make an/no attempt to ...
  結構︰主詞+make an/no attempt+to-不定詞…
  His smile deepened, but he made no attempt to answer.
  I made no attempt to make friends with her. 我沒有打算要和她做朋友。
  Will they make any attempt? 他們會再做另一次的嘗試嗎?