... whether/if ...
  說明︰此句型意為“…是否…”。口語中使用 if 較為普遍。如果子句中帶有 or not 等詞,則只能用 whether;另外,whether 不能引導否定的間接<疑問句>,而 if 則可以。
  He asked me the question whether the price was too high. 他問我價格是否太高。
  They asked him whether the quality is fine or not. 他們問他質量是否好。
  Tell me whether you like this color. 告訴我你喜不喜歡這種顏色。
  Tell me if it doesn’t rain. 告訴我是否下不了雨。
  Ask him if it is true. 問他那是不是真的。
  I wonder if he is in the school. 我想知道他是否在學校。

  Do you know if/where ...
  結構︰一般疑問句+疑問詞(what/where/when 等)+子句
  Can you tell me where the teacher has gone? 你能告訴我老師到哪裡去了嗎?
  Have you any idea where he comes from? 他是哪裡人,您知道不知道?
  Do you know if they like this new item? 你知道他們是否喜歡這個新品種?
  Do you know who wants to go with me? 你知道誰想跟我一起去嗎?
  Do you know when the train will leave? 你知道火車何時開嗎?
  Can you tell me how much you earn a month? 你能告訴我你一個月賺多少嗎?

  He is ..., is he?
  We are old friends, not strangers, right? 我們是老朋友了,不是陌生人,是嗎?
  He’s a capable businessman, is he? 他是一位很有能力的業務員,可不是嗎?
  So you come importing Chinese textiles, do you? 原來你是來進口中國紡織品的,是麼?
  So you’ve been to Shanghai, have you? 原來你去過上海,是吧?

  ... what ...?
  Two times what number makes ten? 什麼數的兩倍是十?
  You will go where? 你要到哪裡去?
  You are twenty-what this year? 你今年二十幾歲?
  He’s your who? 他是你什麼人?

  What/How about + N/V-ing?
  結構︰What/How about+名詞/動名詞?
  What about the name Smith? 史密斯這個名字怎麼樣?
  What about going to a movie? 去看場電影如何?
  What about lending me some money? 借點錢給我如何?
  What about washing the car on Sunday? 禮拜天洗車怎麼樣?
  How about the others? 剩餘的怎麼樣?
  How about a drink? 來一杯吧?
  How about a cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop? 去附近的咖啡屋喝杯咖啡吧?

  What if ...?
  結構︰What if+主詞+動詞
  What if it is true? 如果這是真的又該如何呢?
  What if he doesn’t agree? 如果他不同意該怎麼辦呢?
  What if he comes back now? 如果他現在回來怎麼辦?
  What if the boy’s parents should die? 如果那男孩的父母死了該怎麼辦呢?
  What if I fail! 即使我失敗了又怎樣!

  What ... for?
  說明︰此句型意為“為什麼…?”。相當於“For what…?”
  What are you running for? 你為什麼在跑步?
  What do you want it for? 你為什麼要那個?
  What did they go there for? 他們為什麼去那裡?

  How else ...?
  結構︰How else+助動詞+主詞+助動詞?
  How else should a father in this modern world express his affection and concern for his own son? 現代這個世界上,父親還應該有別的方法來對自己的兒子表示愛護和關心嗎?
  How else can the doctor save him? 醫院還有別的方法可以救他嗎?
  How else can I apologize for her? 我還能有別的方法可以向她道歉嗎?