Mr. Woods : I'd like a double room for tonight.
Clerk : Do you have a reservation?
Mr. Woods : Yes. I called you last week from New York. My name is George Woods.
Clerk : Wait a second , please. (She checks the computer.) Yes, Mr. Woods, we have a room reserved for you. How long do you plan to stay?
Mr. Woods : Probably two days. My wife will join me tomorrow. Then we'll decide when to leave for Seattle.
Clerk : Would you sign the register, please?
Mr. Woods : By the way, does my room have a private bath?
Clerk : Certainly. Every room in this hotel has a private bath.
Mt. Woods : Does my room have twin beds or a double ? I prefer a room with twin beds.
Clerk : Your room has twin beds, Mr. Woods. It also has a view. I'm sure you'll like it....This is your key. It's on the eighth floor, room 801. The elevator is over there.
Mr. Woods : Thank you. One more thing, where is your restaurant?
Clerk : The restaurant is on the second floor. We also have a cafeteria on the top floor. If you would like something to drink, you can either call room service or come down here. The bar is right behind the lobby.
Mr. Woods : Thank you. You're very kind.
Clerk : You're welcome.

1. reservation n.预约,动词为 "reserve" 。
2. to leave for 前往某地
3. room service 旅馆里的房间服务