1.You cannot fall asleep after going to bed. Even you can, you don’t sleep soundly.
上床后,怎么也睡不着,即使睡着也容易惊醒。 YesNo
2.You wake up earlier before usual time. And this makes it hard for you to fall asleep again.
经常早醒1-2小时 ,醒后很难再入睡。 YesNo
3.You keep thinking about even the smallest thing but won’t let go.
哪怕是一件小事情,也总是很放不开,整日思索。 YesNo
4.Sometimes you cannot understand concepts teachers try to explain. Even the ones you can understand flee out of your mind quickly.
老师讲概念,常常听不懂,有时懂得快忘得也快。 YesNo
5.You often regret what you have done with a sense of guilt.
经常追悔自己做过的事,有负疚感。 YesNo
6.Weak in emotion, you always weep when you come across unpleasing things.
感情脆弱,稍不顺心,就暗自流泪。 YesNo
7.You always fell lonely in class activities such as springtime excursion.
参加春游等集体活动时,总有孤独感。 YesNo
8.You’re afraid to meet strangers and easily get flushed when speaking in front of crowds.
害怕见陌生人,人多时说话就脸红。 YesNo
9.You are sensitive about others’ illness being afraid of suffering the same.
对他人的疾病非常敏感,深怕自己也身患相同的病。 YesNo
10.You easily get upset and lose confidence once you get frustrated.
一遇挫折,便心灰意冷,丧失信心。 YesNo
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