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Holiday Fun: The Gobbledygook Generator

Holiday Fun: The Gobbledygook Generator

图文2013-05-06 15:01:01

“The solution can only be ambient monitored matrix approaches.”“We need to get on-message about our facilitating incremental alignment.”...

When Disney Meets Dali

When Disney Meets Dali

图文2013-05-06 14:53:48

In 1945, at Jack Warner’s dinner party, the world-renowned surrealist painter Salvador Dali met the giant of the animation film industry, W...

Tea 茶

Tea 茶

图文2013-05-06 14:50:26

If you are in a non-Chinese and non-English speaking country, thirsty for a cup of tea but do not speak the local language, what should you ...

真实的故事:Three Strikes

真实的故事:Three Strikes

图文推荐2011-10-09 09:49:29

I should have died one summer morning in 1967 on Highway 89 when I fell asleep behind the wheel on my way north to Montreal. Just after midn...

Why I Think Time Travel Is Not Possible

推荐2011-07-04 10:16:36

I love science and science fiction. Like many science fiction fans, I am fascinated by the possibility of time travel. However one must temp...

鲁拜诗集:Omar Khayyam and the Rubaiyat

推荐2011-06-13 10:12:56

I was introduced to the poetry of Omar Khayyam, Persian Poet, Astronomer and Mathematician by an old classmate when I visited Los Angeles i...

Electric appliances vs. Electronics

推荐2011-05-30 10:27:42

Dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines(washers), dryers, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and vacuum cleaners are Electri...

Ray Charles and "Georgia on my Mind"

推荐2011-05-24 10:17:04

After a brave struggle with liver disease, Ray Charles, a giant in Rhythm and Blues, passed away on June 11th, at the tender age of 73. Nick...

仿 清宋湘大庾岭茶亭长联

仿 清宋湘大庾岭茶亭长联

图文推荐2011-05-17 10:18:35


Not difficult, it nil. 是说什么?

推荐2011-04-26 09:25:19

It is shocking to find how many universities and tutorial schools in China carrying this on their web site as learning examples.令人震惊的是...


推荐2011-04-07 14:25:42

Last time I wrote about English words for desirable women (形容美女的英语); this time I am going to talk about the undesirables. There are a...

英译:中国十大城市美眉排行榜 #10 广州美眉

2011-03-28 09:43:06

转载请注明作者和出处 爱思英语网推出全新栏目《佳作欣赏》,旨在为各位网友提供互相、探讨、交流的平台。《佳作欣赏》主要设置以下子栏目:英文写作,英汉...

Silver Threads Among the Gold白发吟

推荐2011-03-16 11:34:42

Here is a song I would like to share with you. More than 50 years have flown past since I first heard it in high school. I hope you all have...

如何用英语形容“ 美女”

如何用英语形容“ 美女”

图文推荐2011-03-14 09:43:37

The author gave seven examples (chick, gorgeous, babe, turns me on, hottie, well-developed, and cute), but failed to come up with anything r...



图文推荐2011-03-09 10:26:15

比起古代,现代科技带来各种省时和方便,使我们的不如意大为减少 Technology helps to save us time and bring about conveniences of all kinds, making ...

开闭 (英文)

2011-02-21 09:48:06

转载请注明出处和作者 爱思英语网推出全新栏目《佳作欣赏》,旨在为各位网友提供互相、探讨、交流的平台。《佳作欣赏》主要设置以下子栏目:英文写作,英汉...

Potpourri #3 Rude English

推荐2011-02-10 10:44:03

转载请注明出处和作者 爱思英语网推出全新栏目《佳作欣赏》,旨在为各位网友提供互相、探讨、交流的平台。《佳作欣赏》主要设置以下子栏目:英文写作,英汉...

To-may-toes, to-mah-toes

推荐2011-01-19 10:58:21


The Chinese Tiger mothers Controversy

2011-01-14 14:32:11

欢迎访问Yeti的博客空间: 转载请注明出处和作者 编者按:爱思英语网推出全新栏目《佳作欣赏》,旨在为各位网友提供互相、...

Comic Strips on Misinterpretation

推荐2011-01-12 09:19:13

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