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教师颂歌:There Is One

教师颂歌:There Is One

图文头条2012-09-10 09:51:24

There is one who teaches me the knowledge helpful in future. 有一个人,他授予我知识以供未来之用 There is one who teaches all the qualities a ...


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Because a good degree from a not-well-known institution may have considerable value as preparation for graduate school, some writers avoid t...



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Overseas education isn’t a peaceful lake you can step into. Because of the huge money involved, it’s a big river with very strong market ...



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Study habits are less firm in the US, drinking and partying much more prevalent. Though it seems that now there is much more sex on Chinese...


2012-03-02 11:33:30

Education is about developing the student. Overseas education is about developing the student. Thus, every part of the plan must be specif...


2012-02-20 10:23:33

The moment overseas education is thought about, a quiet, subtle enemy, named Fantasy, comes on the scene. Fantasy always fills in the unkno...


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学会散步Take a Slow Walk

学会散步Take a Slow Walk

图文推荐2011-10-28 11:34:49

我把酝酿了几生几世的话,都突然遗忘在了长满荒草的嘴边。埋在一个小小的园子里,或寄寓情怀而将生活的芬芳洒点为醇香隽永的文字。 ...

How to Acquire British Accent

推荐2011-10-11 11:09:27

追溯其历史,Received Pronunciation最早是11世纪时形成于英格兰中南部的一支方言。这个区域从今天的Midlands地区一直向东南延伸到伦敦,其中包含了牛津和...

How to Speak English with American Accent

How to Speak English with American Accent

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心香  Fragrance in Heart(双语)

心香 Fragrance in Heart(双语)

图文推荐2011-08-22 16:05:10

Love walks into my life by chance I shall sing the emotion for life The whole journey, full of singing Freedom to spring

七夕英文诗:On Love

2011-08-08 10:33:14

Perpetual theme as love is Few of us really know what it means Senior is a year to break up always Love is finally beaten by reality No one ...



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Knowing that currently a movie, 《遍地狼烟》 by the name in Chinese, is attracting a huge amount of attention from media, I am very delighte...


推荐2011-07-06 14:22:16

For an Australian filmmaker used to working with Australian budgets, the scale was hard to fathom. At the sprawling Hengdian Film Studios in...


推荐2011-06-27 15:14:29

If I were a bird, I would sing aloud despite my hoarse voice: The land heavily struck by rainstorms

Shanghai International Film Festival Sparkles

Shanghai International Film Festival Sparkles

图文2011-06-22 11:46:54

With a remarkable closing ceremony held in Shanghai Grand Theatre on June, 19th, the glamor of the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival...



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红豆生南国, 春来发几枝。  愿君多采撷, 此物最相思。


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The tune I heard in your mansion is so melodious Half floating with river breeze, half wafting above clouds Such a tune can be from nowhere ...

古诗英译:江雪 Snowy River

2011-05-20 14:07:24

No bird flying above mountains endless No human walking on paths countless Only an old man in a straw rain cape Fishing alone despite snow o...