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2010年12月英语六级听力答案和解析--Section B

2010-12-18 22:03:55


2010年12月英语六级听力答案--Section A

2010-12-18 22:02:25

11. What can we infer from the conversation?【答案】A The man is the manager of the apartment building【解析】从对话中看出女士在找apartment ...


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2010-12-18 21:17:29

参考答案(完形填空) 注:本次完形填空音频出自2009年10月9日的慢速VOA,点击收听音频>>答案: 67. D came out 68. C less 69. D by 70. A almost 71. B develo...


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Psychologists are finding that hope plays a surprisingly vital role in giving people a measurable advantage in zones of diverse as academic ...


2010-12-18 19:26:12

参考答案(翻译部分)82. There is no denying that you ___________(越仔细越好) in dealing with this matter.解析:can never be too careful / can not ...

2010年12月英语四级答案及解析--仔细阅读Section B

2010-12-18 19:23:50

Section BPassage One57. C) few industrial scientists would quit to work in a university58. A) keeps someone from taking action59. B) Her res...


2010-12-18 19:23:22

1、 当今社会,高校排名很流行2、 个人看法不同3、 我自己的观点Nowadays , University and college ranking has become increasingly popular thoughou...


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2010年12月英语四级答案及解析--仔细阅读Section A

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参考答案(仔细阅读Section A)47. M) raised48. L) psychological49. E) contribution50. A) abilities51. B) achieve52. N) smart53. I) extent54. J) i...


2010-12-18 18:51:48

Half a Mind Is a Terrible Thing to WasteThe idea that we must choose between science and humanities is false.In the heady progressive years ...


2010-12-18 18:49:43

以下是2010年12月18日六级答案听力短对话原文Q11.W: This is one of our best and least expensive two-bedroom listings. It’s located in a quiet ...


2010-12-18 18:48:41

听力原文Section A短对话(11~18)11W: This is one of our best and least expensive two-bedroom listings. It’s located in a quiet building and it...


2010-12-18 18:48:16

82.can not be too careful83.did I realize that reading could not be neglected84.to the researchers' surprise85.I must have left it somewher...


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爱思英语网携手文都教育,第一时间发布2010年12月英语四六级考试真题及参考答案。六级作文: 1. 目前高校排名相当盛行2. 对于这种做法,人们看法不一3. 我认...


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2010年12月英语四级听力原文 Section C

2010-12-18 12:30:08

2010年12月英语四级听力原文 Section C