VOA Special English 基础词汇手册

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Parts of Speech
Science Words
Organs of the Body


  • n. (noun) - a name word
  • v. (verb) - an action word
  • ad. (adjective/adverb) - a describing word
  • prep. (preposition) - a word used to show a relation
  • pro. (pronoun) - a word used in place of a noun
  • conj. (conjunction) - a joining word


  • a - ad. one; any; each
  • able - v. having the power to do something
  • about - ad. almost ("about half"); of or having a relation to ("We talk about the weather.")
  • above - ad. at a higher place
  • accept - v. to agree to receive
  • accident - n. something that happens by chance or mistake; an unplanned event
  • accuse - v. to say a person is responsible for an act or crime; to make a statement against someone
  • across - ad. from side to side; to the other side
  • act - v. to do something
  • activist - n. one who seeks change through action
  • actor - n. someone acting in a play or show
  • add - v. to put (something) with another to make it larger; to say more
  • administration - n. the executive part of a government, usually headed by a president or prime minister
  • admit - v. to accept ("admitted to the United Nations"); to express one's guilt or responsibility ("He admitted that what he did was wrong.")
  • adult - n. a grown person
  • advise - v. to help with information, knowledge or ideas in making a decision
  • affect - v. to produce an effect on; to influence ("A lack of sleep affected the singer's performance.")
  • afraid - ad. feeling fear
  • after - ad. later; behind
  • again - ad. another time; as before
  • against - ad. opposed to; not agreeing with something
  • age - n. how old a person or thing is
  • agency - n. an organization that is part of a larger group ("an agency of the United Nations")
  • aggression - n. an attack against a person or country; the violation of a country's borders
  • ago - ad. of time past; before now
  • agree - v. to have the same belief as someone; to be willing to do something
  • agriculture - n. farming
  • aid - v. to help; to support; n. help, assistance
  • aim - v. to point a gun at; n. a goal or purpose
  • air - n. the mixture of gases around the earth, mostly nitrogen and oxygen, that we breathe
  • air force - n. a military organization using airplanes
  • airplane - n. a vehicle with wings that flies
  • airport - n. a place where airplanes take off and land
  • album - n. a collection of recorded music
  • alcohol - n. a strong, colorless liquid, usually made from grain, used as a drug or in industrial products
  • alive - ad. having life; not dead
  • all - ad. everything; everyone; the complete amount
  • ally - n. a nation or person joined with another for a special purpose
  • almost - ad. a little less than completely
  • alone - ad. separated from others
  • along - ad. near or on ("along the road")
  • already - ad. before now; even now
  • also - ad. added to; too
  • although - conj. even if it is true that
  • always - ad. at all times; every time
  • ambassador - n. a nation's highest diplomatic representative (to another government)
  • amend - v. to add to or to change (a proposal or law)
  • ammunition - n. the bullets or shells fired from guns
  • among - ad. in or part of (a group)
  • amount - n. the number, size or weight of anything
  • anarchy - n. a lack of order; lawlessness
  • ancestor - n. a family member from the past
  • ancient - ad. very old; long ago
  • and - conj. also; in addition to; with
  • anger - n. a strong emotion against someone or something
  • animal - n. a living creature that moves, such as a dog or cat
  • anniversary - n. a yearly celebration or observance of an event that happened in the past
  • announce - v. to make known publicly; to declare officially
  • another - ad. one more; a different one
  • answer - n. a statement produced by a question; v. to make a statement after being asked a question
  • any - ad. one or more of no special kind
  • apologize - v. to express regret for a mistake or accident for which one accepts responsibility
  • appeal - v. to take to a higher court, person or group for a decision; to call on somebody for help
  • appear - v. to show oneself; to come into sight; to seem
  • appoint - v. to name; to choose ("appoint a judge")
  • approve - v. to agree with; to agree to support
  • archeology - n. the scientific study of past human life and activities
  • area - n. any place or part of it
  • argue - v. to offer reasons for or against something; to dispute; to disagree
  • arms - n. military equipment; weapons
  • army - n. military ground forces
  • around - ad. on every side (of)
  • arrest - v. to seize a person for legal action; to take as a prisoner
  • arrive - v. to come to a place, especially at the end of a trip
  • art - n. expressions or creations by humans, such as paintings, music, writing or statues
  • artillery - n. big guns
  • as - conj. equally ("as fast as"); when; while
  • ash - n. the part left after something burns
  • ask - v. to question; to say something is wanted ("We ask the teacher questions every day.")
  • assist - v. to help
  • astronaut - n. a person who travels in space
  • astronomy - n. the scientific study of stars and the universe
  • asylum - n. political protection given by a government to a person from another country
  • at - prep. in or near ("at the edge"); where ("look at"); when ("at noon")
  • atmosphere - n. the gases surrounding any star or planet
  • attach - v. to tie together; to connect
  • attack - n. a violent attempt to damage, injure or kill; v. to start a fight
  • attempt - v. to work toward something; to try; to make an effort
  • attend - v. to be present at
  • automobile - n. a vehicle with wheels used to carry people; a car
  • autumn - n. the time of the year between summer and winter
  • average - n. something (a number) representing the middle; ad. common; normal
  • avoid - v. to stay away from
  • awake - ad. not sleeping
  • award - n. an honor or prize for an act or service
  • away - ad. not near



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China said Thursday that the United States had put its own standards above international law by opposing the granting of market economy status to China in the World Trade Organization (WTO).中国周四表

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