BBC news 2017-03-19

BBC News with Julie Candler.

In his first meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Trump has said he wanted free but fair trade to bring jobs back to America. Chancellor Merkel said she wanted agreements benefiting both sides and hoped President Trump would come back to TTIP trade talks for the European Union. Mr. Trump also reiterated his commitment to NATO but urged members who owed vast amounts to pay their contributions.

Mr. Trump also said the White House had not accused Britain of spying on him at the instigation of the Obama’s Administration. It’d only related to news reports to that effect. Britain has called the allegations utterly ridiculous.

A US secret service laptop containing sensitive information about President Trump and Hilary Clinton has been stolen. The computer contained the floor plans of Trump Tower and details of the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server.

The UN Refugee Agency has said it's appalled by the death of dozens of Somali refugees whose boats were attacked off Yemen’s Red Sea coast. It’s still not clear who is behind the attack, but reports say it was fired at from the air.

Scientists in Britain say a new anti cholesterol drug can drastically reduce the risk of heart disease. The drug Evolocumab targets a protein in the liver to make the organ more effective at clearing of the type of cholesterol which blocks arteries.

The head of a United Nations’ agency has resigned after saying the UN has tried to pressure her to withdraw a report accusing Israel of apartheid. Under Secretary General Rima Khalaf has described that he was the first to conclude that Israel is a racist state.

One of the 20th century's greatest masters of the English language, the Nobel laureate, Derek Walcott, has died in his homeland in St Lucia. He was 87. Awarding the Nobel prize in 1992, the Swedish Academy called him the great poet of Western Indian culture.

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