CNN news 2016-12-26

This is our last program of 2016 and it starts by taking back to the war-torn city of Aleppo. It's become a major flashpoint in Syria's brutal five-year-old civil war. Hundreds of thousands have died since it started.

Rebels fighting the Syrian government have ruled eastern Aleppo for four years. But in the past two weeks, the Syrian regime has made major advances against the rebels and it's on the brink of controlling all of Aleppo. This would further cement the Syrian government's control of the country.

Under a ceasefire agreed to Wednesday night, evacuations for thousands of civilians and rebels are going on in eastern Aleppo. Though some international officials say tens of thousands are still trapped there. Some of the evacuees will have the chance to move to Turkey, most will be leaving one war zone for another. Travelling to part of a neighboring Syrian province that's currently controlled by rebels and that's most likely the Syrian regime's next target.

As far as Aleppo goes, a U.N. adviser says it took 4,000 years to build the city and that one generation managed to tear it down in four.