CNN news 2014-05-23

Blackshades, creepware, ominous names, associated with the worldwide computer hacking scandal. It's where we start today's edition of CNN STUDENT NEWS.

Once installed on a victim's computer, the Blackshades (INAUDIBLE) allowed users to remotely and secretly gain access to everything on the victim's computer. Including private photographs and documents, and even passwords to online accounts.

It could even record every key stroke entered on a victim's keyboard to speedily steel credit card and other sensitive information.

One of the creepiest parts about Creepware like that is that many of its victims didn't even know it was on their computers. We are talking more than half a million people worldwide. Creepware is a form of malware, something that can harm or take control over a computer, and more than 90 people linked to the Blackshade's creepware are now behind bars around the world. It's because of one the largest global cybercrime crackdowns ever. And though the damage has been done from extortion to bank fraud and blackmail, the FBI has shut down a site where Blackshades was sold.

If there's a zombie apocalypse - I know, just roll with it for a second. The Pentagon has a plan in place to keep Americans safe. But haven't helped you if you live outside the U.S.

OK, now here's the deal: the U.S. military has plans for dealing with all kinds of disasters. Natural events, catastrophes, military or terrorist attacks. So, worked up a document for dealing with the flesh-eating invasion by the walking dead. Why? Training. It's a fictional scenario, of course, but it will be used to help students understand how the military plans and coordinates during disasters. Where personnel should go, how to restore the rule of law after the Zombies are taken out. It's not a strategic command plan, but it is a teaching tool, and one that is sure to get attention.

Today, the biggest animal on land is the African elephant. It can grow to be 13 feet high, and weigh 14,000 pounds. That's nothing when you compare it to Titanosaur. Scientists believe this thing was as long as two tractor trailers and weigh 180,000 pounds. They recently got some perspective on how big that is from fossils in South America.

Godzilla is back on top of the box office, and while this gigantic lizard is just a fiction, this may have been the real Godzilla of its day. Small by movie standards, but likely the biggest dinosaur to ever roam the planet.

This is the largest femur known from any animal that has walked on Earth.

This giant thigh bone, a part of an amazing discovery in Argentina where paleontologists say they've uncovered the fossilized remains of a new species of Titanosaur. A gigantic dinosaur that lived some 95 million years ago, had a long neck and long tail, worked on four legs and ate plants. Scientists call it a truly colossal creature weighing the same as 14 elephants.

This animal measured up to 40 meters long, and with the head upright would have measured 20 meters tall. Equivalent to a seven-story building, which is surely the height at which they ate.

Paleontologists say that Titanosaur was found in a massive field of fossils, a virtual dinosaur cemetery. They found at least seven more sets of remains and hundreds more bones. Some of which are now on display at a nearby museum.

Experts are related calling the discovery a treasure trove of information providing new insights into an ancient chapter of earth history.