until 7


father ,farm ,photo, affair, prefer ,soft ,vanity, very ,vet ,view, Vienna ,aviod ,deaf ,half, tough ,friend, free, far, eleven ,novel ,leave ,love ,twelve, glove

Fortune favors the brave .

Don't always follow the fashion.

You have to fill out the forms first .

I like very wet wether very much.

I would prefer a fac-to-face talk with my friends.

I feel as if I would never able to find my favourite novel the Vanity Fair.

Only a few friends were ever invited to the famous violinist's villa.The villa has a fantastic view. Furthermore the violinist's family keeps an elephant and feeds it every day.


think ,thought ,bath ,thank, booth, thin, path, three ,this, breathe, bathe ,those ,weather ,father, together, teeth ,mouth ,healthy ,something ,theater, warmth ,strenth ,month, that ,clothes ,neither ,either ,leather, mother ,than

Thanks a lot .

Wish you both health and wealth.

There's something.

The rumor pass from mouth to mouth.

This is smoother than that .

They will stick together through thick and thin.


Edith Roth is 30.

Is she? I thougth she was 33.

Her birthday was last Thursday.

Was it ? I thought it was last month.

Oh, really? I thought she is only good at math.

It seems that you know nothing about Edith Roth.

Well, I admit I know more about her brother kenneth Roth.


six ,sit ,simple ,size ,scent, bicycle ,loose ,zoo ,cousin, refuse ,zero, buzz, zip, Tuesday, Xerox, clause, dance, past, listen, laughs, excite, excellent, consider, realize, things ,dozen ,lose, easy ,peas, prize, please, eraser

A still tongue makes a wise head.

Speak less and listen more .

I'm sorry that Susan is sick since last Sunday.


sheep, ship, sugar ,sure ,dictionary ,national, Russa ,leisure ,measure, pleasure, treasure, decision, trash, shrink, mashine, champagne ,moustache ,Chicago ,vision, azure, massage ,rouge

Measure for measure.

She sells sea shells on the seashore.

Oh,don't mention it.

She's not very sure about her decision

She likes to go window-shopping during her leisure time.

The shirts sold in the shop will shrink after you wash them.


run ,hair, rain ,her ,right, wrong, poor ,wrinkle, bark ,rythem, crowd ,crime ,fry, railroad, arrive, risk, rise

Fact speaks louder than words.

It's a rare opportuniy.

Do in Rome as Romans do.

The store is just around the corner.

Roger is very interested in the modern art exhibition.

Her name is Jennifer and his name is Robbet. She's a lawyer and he's a doctor.

They were married last Thirsday in a little church on the hill.

Robert Rolly road a wrong roll around the road .


hot, home, him, who ,how, hedge, hello, hook ,hand ,Helen


Hi, how are you ?

Don't hurt yourself .

Health is wealth.

It might help.