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I really appreciate all the trouble you have taken.

Eccuse me,I didn't catch you.

George Churchill is a driver.He drives the large jeep.

Mr. Church is the manager of the travel agency.

During the accident,two children were injured.

Americans like to say"cheese" when taking pictures.

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Trick or treat? 受捉弄还是请客?(万圣节是孩子们挨家挨户讨要糖果时说的话)

Have a nice sound trip!祝你一路顺风!

When will my dream come true?我的梦想什么时候才能实现?

Each year,millons of travelers visit the Notre Deme of Paris , the world-famous tourist attraction.每年数以万计的旅游者到巴黎圣母院这个世界著名的旅游景点游览。

After many trials and tribulations we eventually attained our goal.经过许多艰难险阻,我们终于到达了我们的目的地。