CNN news 2013-08-12

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The search for a 16-year-old girl and a murder suspect who might have her. Let’s get started.

A quick update for you - new information in the search for 16-year-old Hanna Anderson, possibly her brother, Ethan, and the alleged killer, James DiMaggio who may have one or both children with him. The latest centers on a possible sighting of DiMaggio's car in Northern California and an action being taken right now further north in Oregon.

Paul Vercammen continues working the story for us. So Paul, a lot of conflicting reports. What are you learning now?

Well, in a story that's already had absolutely so many bizarre twists, now we have what seems to be dueling agencies here. There have been two separate agencies who are checking out and again they hedge this what they believe to be or possible sightings of the car that DiMaggio is driving that is at the center of this amber alert (a child abduction alert system originating in the United States in 1996).

And in Modot County, that's in extream northeastern California, no less than the undersheriff has said that a business owner wrote down a license plate number of a Versa that exactly matched the license plate number of DiMaggio's car and that undersheriff went on to tell CNN that this is from a very credible source, again, a business owner and their surveillance video in the area. So now they have gone into neighboring Oregon and they are looking at these leads suggesting that DiMaggio was traveling north in the car. Anderson.

OK. So earlier a San Diego sheriff had said those leads weren't panning out(导致成功), but now what you're hearing from an undersheriff in a different county is they actually are taking these leads very seriously and they are searching for this vehicle?

Exactly. And all the while, we're now not hearing anything from the San Diego County sheriff. So we're trying to run that down. Of course we've pressed very hard to talk to them, but Modot County in northeastern California and Oregon state officials both saying that they are taking this lead seriously, and thoroughly checking it out.

This is a Nissan Versa that they are looking for. Paul Vercammen, appreciate the update. Thanks very much.