2010-09-22 CNN

Well, as you learn in life science and then later on in biology, different species have different features. And if you were an expert -- and some of you will be one day -- you'll be able look at the different whales and know which one is which. But scientists in California don't know what kind of whale they have on their hands, because this one, they say, is three million years old! Now, that's what the scientists think. It's actually a whale fossil. A construction crew ran across this thing recently. The experts say the fossil seems to be in pretty good shape. The skull and other parts are completely intact. Hopefully, that'll help them identify the specific species on this whale of a find.

It didn't completely surprise us that most of you strongly disagreed with this: a Massachusetts school district idea to charge between $400 and $500 for school bus service. It's only for kids who live within two miles of school, but many of you who commented on our blog ride the bus yourselves. That's the most popular way of getting to school, followed by a ride with your parents. And Tim seemed to speak for a lot of you. He said, "Making parents pay $400 per kid for bus transportation is outrageous." Austin writes, "All Americans, if not all people, deserve the right to an education. This also includes the right to have transportation to an education." Sort of a different perspective from Elani, though, who told us that "walking would give you good exercise, decrease obesity and decrease pollution as well." And what do you think of this e-mail we got from Ms. Turner? She wrote us at CNNStudentNews.com, saying her district is allowing ads on the sides of busses to assist in cost, rather than charging the community more.