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The search continues for 9 people missing off the coast of California after a midair collision. The Coast Guard says they will keep searching for survivors of victims of last night’s crash. The Coast Guard and Navy searched all night and they were able to find some debris, but no survivors. uh, three helicopters, several ships now taking part in that search.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton challenging Pakistan to do more to hunt down members of Al-Qaeda in that country, she said she finds it difficult to believe that no one in the Pakistani government knows where Al-Qaeda members are. She also addressed another global security issue, and that is Iran’s nuclear ambition. She talked about the country’s counter-proposal to an international drafted agreement. Iran wants its uranium enrichment enriched on un-Iranian soil by a third country under the supervision by the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency.

The House could vote as early as next week on health care reform. Democrats unveiled their final version yesterday with an 894-billion-dollar price tag. And the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi says they will finance that bill with a tax on the wealthy and cost-cutting in Medicare and Medicaid. And she also said it would provide coverage for 36 million more Americans.

The bill will expand coverage, including a public option to boost choice and competition in the health insurance reform.
1990 pages, that’s about four reams of paper, I would say that the people that are getting reams are the American people.

Dentists, pharmacists, EMTs and other health care workers will be able to give H1N1 vaccine shots in New York State. It’s part of a state of emergency the Governor David Paterson declared yesterday. It’s to try and keep hospitals and clinics from being overwhelmed with swine flu patients. H1N1-related cases have grown in New York State. In fact, 75 people have died from it.

Talk about Hellfire and Grime stone, a Texas church turned its sanctuary into an imaginary hell for Halloween. Look at that. Oh, the display, some say, is inappropriate for a church. The idea behind their fear factory is to deliver, well, a powerful spiritual message. A pastor says everything in the fear factory is based on biblical teachings. Nice!

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