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Work is proceeding in both the house and Senate on reaching a consensus health care reform bill. Democrats are meeting behind closed door to merge two senate bills, hoping to bring the finish product to the floor by the end of the week. Three other bills need to be merged in the house for the five bills in congress do include a public or government run option.

Iranian officials are linking the US and Pakistan to a group that carried out a suicide attack. The US calls the accusations completely false. At least 42 people were killed in yesterday's bombing, including key leaders of the elite Revolutionary Guard. State-run Iranian media says the People's resistance movement of Iran has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Felony charges may be filed as early as today against Richard and Mayumi Heenes. This is for claiming that their six-year-old son was on board a homemade mylar balloon, when it floated away from their backyard Thursday afternoon. The Larimer County Sheriff says that the entire incident was a publicity stunt,and the parents denied the balloon-flight was a hoax, but they could face a series of felony charges including conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and attempting to influence a public servant.

Some immigrants rights activists don't want you to buy two popular Halloween costumes. The groups are asking stores and websites to stop selling illegal alien costumes, one includes an alien mask, an orange prison jumpsuit, and a green card, and the other shows the alien with a droopy handlebar moustache and baseball cap. Critics call them mean and offensive, but others say they are just funny. Target removed the costumes from its website after the complaints.

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