Good morning, I'm Melissa Long here at the CNN Center in Atlanta. It's a Friday, October 16th. And here are some of the stories that are making news right now.

Speculation is growing about whether Thursday's runaway balloon story in Colorado was a hoax. Initially, Falcon Heene's family said they feared the six-year-old climbed inside this homemade balloon which then took off and floated some 50 miles. Police launched a huge search and rescue operation only to find the six-year-old was actually hiding in the attic of his home. Authorities say the ordeal was not fake. But last night on CNN's Larry King Live, Falcon said he didn't come out because it was for the show. Some wondered if that was a reference to a reality television program the family has appeared on or the media coverage of the runaway balloon.

Three missing hikers were found Wednesday stranded on a ledge above a waterfall at California's Kings Canyon National Park. A rescue helicopter spotted them. They've been missing since Monday and had an emotional reunion with family yesterday.

Pakistan was hit with another round of deadly and brazen violence. Today its target, police officers in Peshawar. 13 people were killed when a car bomb exploded outside the gates of a police station. In the past couple of weeks, terrorist attacks have killed more than 150 people across Pakistan.

Indonesia has been rocked again by an earthquake. The trembler hit around 7.30 Eastern Time, shaking the buildings in the capital Jakarta. No sign of visible damage. The US Geological Survey says the quake had a magnitude of 6.3. The epicenter was out at sea about 115 miles from Jakarta. So far no tsunami warning has been issued. It is the latest in a series of quakes that has rattled Indonesia recently. More than 1,000 people are believed to have died after twin earthquakes destroyed buildings in Padang just over two weeks ago.

The boss of Bank of America. He's not gonna get paid this year. Chief executive Kenneth Lewis won't get a bonus and must pay back a million dollars. He's already earned four 2009. This move was suggested by the US Treasury's pay tsar Kenneth Feinberg. Lewis is still gonna be more than capable of making ends meet. He has a 53-million-dollar pension waiting for him when he retires at the end of the year.

You're up to date. Those are the headlines. Do stay with us here at CNN and for more on these stories or other news that develops today.