Good morning, from the CNN center here in Atlanta, I am Melissa Long, it is a Wednesday, the 14th of October. Here's a look at some of the stories making news this morning.

Britain is committing more troops to Afghanistan, Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced this morning that he is gonna be sending another 500 troops to join the international force already there. Britain already has 9,000 troops in Afghanistan. It is the second largest commitment behind the United States.

"Leave the cold war in the past" that is the message from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton currently in Moscow. Secretary Clinton is wrapping up her five-nation tour in Russia today. During a speech at Moscow State University, she said that some in US and Russia still don't trust each other. She argued for cooperation on issues like missile defense.

The self-help expert at the center of the Arizona sweat lodge deaths is now speaking out. James Arthur Ray says he does not really know how to handle the tragedy, but he has hired his own investigators to look into the incident. Two people died when they were overcome by the heat. Several others were hospitalized.

A painting purchased for 20,000 dollars at an art auction a couple of years ago, maybe an undiscovered work by Leonardo Da Vinci. A forensic expert says fingerprint on the painting may prove that it's the first major work from Da Vinci discovered in about a century. If it is, that 20,000 dollar purchase could be worth 150 million dollars.

Delving into the final days of Anna Nicole Smith, a hearing resumes in Los Angeles today. Smith's former attorney and boyfriend Howard K. Stern and two doctors are accused of illegally conspiring to provide her with controlled substances. The three have pled not guilty. The judge will decide whether there's enough evidence to send the case to trial.

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