Good morning from the CNN center here in Atlanta, I'm Melissa Long. It's a Tuesday morning, the thirteenth of October. Here's a look at some of the stories happening NOW IN THE NEWS.

On Capitol Hill, the Senate Finance Committee is on its way to a vote on health care reform. The plan expected to pass is considered by supporters as the best hope of five reform proposals in Congress right now. Next step, of course, senior Senate Democrats will meet to try to merge this proposal with a more liberal one from another committee.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is sitting down with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the agenda discussions on the next steps for Iran, missile defense, and a new nuclear arms control treaty. Earlier, she met with Russia's Foreign Minister who said they('ve) made progress on the nuclear issue. Clinton talked about the importance of moving forward.

"President Obama and I believe that it is this cooperative relationship and the acceptance of shared responsibility that is really at the core of the twenty first century relationship between the United States and Russia. One example of that is the work that our technical experts are doing on a START agreement to cut our nuclear arsenals to demonstrate leadership from the two largest nuclear powers in the world."

The first criminal trial stemming from the financial crisis is now under way in Manhattan. Two former hedge fund managers with Bear Stearns are charged with security fraud, in connection with the collapse of the investment bank. Prosecutors say Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin painted a rosy picture of two portfolios for their investors, even though they believed the funds were in danger. Both have pleaded "Not guilty"

Martin Luther King Junior's children will avoid a trial over control of the civil rights icon's estate. They reached a settlement very late last night. Martin Luther King, Jr. III and Bernice King sued Dexter King last July, accusing him of mishandling money from the family's estate, and(will) now a temporary custodian will be run in it and that person will be appointed.

Those are the headlines for you this hour, do stay with CNN; for more on these stories or other news that develops today.