Exercise 1-39: consistent pronoun stress in changing verb tenses

This is the same as the previous exercise, except you now stress the verbs: They eat them. Practice this until you are quite comfortable with the intonation. Notice that in fluent speech, the ‘th’ of ‘them’ is frequently dropped( as is the ‘h’ in the other object pronouns, him, her) . The pronunciation and word connections are on the right, and the tense name is on the far left.

1. They eat them.

2. They ate them.

3. They’re eating them.

4. They’ll eat them.

5. They would eat them.

6. They would have eaten them.

7. They that have eaten them.

8. They have eaten them.

9. They had eaten them.

10. They will have eaten them.

11. They ought to eat them.

12. They should eat them.

13. They should not eat them.

14. They should have eaten them.

15. They should not have eaten them.

16. They could eat them.

17. They couldn’t eat them.

18. They could have eaten them.

19. They could not have eaten them.

20. They might eat them.

21. They might have eaten them.

22. They must eat them.

23. They must have eaten them.

24. They can eat them.

25. They can’t eat them.