26. Be trained to help find 

27. Aid sb 

28. Aid in doing sth n n

29. In Attempt to

30. Have no ground for

31. Just as … so…

32. Discourage xxx from doing

33. Combine with

34. Forbid to do, forbid a strike by union

35. Demand that:

36. Expect news to be fair

37. X is expected to Y s

38. Believe x to be y

39. Estimated to be

40. Using account of

41. Distinguish between a and b; distinguish a from b

42. Allergic to xxx

43. Attribute to xxx

44. Spring to life in a flash of inspiration

45. Number increased by 50%

46. Difficult to do

47. No less remarkable than the development of CD

48. Sb is disinclined to recognize that…

49. A method of protecting

50. Method for doing