1. The artist‘s work pushes our civilization to a higher level.

  改进:Artists‘work upgrades our civilization.

  2. For example,you work in a big factory.

  改进:Suppose you work in a big factory.

  3. You‘ll find you are fit for business and you can make it your main job.

  改进:You‘ll find that you are cut out for business and you can make it your career.

  4. We will own nothing at all if we depend on luck.

  改进:We will get nowhere if we rely on luck.

  5. He will get a higher salary to improve his living level.

  改进:He will get a higher salary,thus improving his life.

  6. Their brain is still very young.

  改进:They are still immature.

  7. Dissatisfaction makes people produce desire for better things.

  改进:Dissatisfaction impels people for the better.

  8. They can‘t analyze clearly what is right and what is wrong.

  改进:They cannot tell right from wrong.

  9. It will help children to form a good habit of dealing with time.

  改进:It will help children learn to make good use of time.

  10. Though it is not the best job,it affords to his life.

  改进:Though it is not the best job,a job is a job. He can make ends meet with it.

  11. Since people are always not satisfied with their present situation,they want further development.

  改进:Since people are never satisfied with their status quo,they want further development.

  12. The only thing they need to do is to find a job which can easily get big money.