allure n. 诱惑力,魅力 vt. 诱惑,引诱,吸引
almighty a.1.全能的,万能的 2.很大的,很强的
alternate a.1.交替的,轮流的;供选择的 2.间隔的 v. (使)轮流,(使)交替
amass vt. 积累,积聚
ambiguous a. 引起歧义的,模棱两可的,含糊不清的

ambitious a.1.有抱负的,雄心勃勃的 2.有野心的
amend vt. 修改,修订,改进 n.[pl.]赔罪,赔偿
amiable a. 和蔼可亲的,友好的
ammunition n. 弹药,军火
ample a.1.足够的 2.宽敞的,面积大的

amplify vt.1.放大(声音等),增强 2.扩大,详述,进一步阐述
analogy n. 比拟,类比,类推
by analogy 用类推的方法
analyst n.1.分析家,化验员 2.心理分析学家
analyticanalytical analytical a. 分析的,分析法的

anarchist n. 无政府主义者
ancestry n. 祖先,世系
anecdote n. 轶事,趣闻
angel n.1.天使 2.可爱的人
anguish n. (精神或肉体的)极度痛苦

annex vt. 兼并,吞并 n. 附属建筑物

?   It had been an ambitious plan. The anarchist had tried to rob a bank all by himself, but then he had ran out of ammunition and now he was trapped in a back portion of the bank building with no escape.
  As he stood in silence, hugging his gun and waiting to be found, the anarchist knew that there would be ample anecdotes from newspaper analysts the next day to amend to his obituary. They would certainly refer to the anguish he had undergone as a child. Then they would employ all their analytical abilities to reveal other impacts of his ancestry on his ambiguous life.
  These thoughts flew from his mind however when an angel suddenly appeared to him. He fell to his knees, sure that the Almighty God was coming to take him home. His fears were only amplified when the angel said in an alluring yet powerful voice, "Fear out, your time is short. Stop your goal to amass a foutune for yourself and turn to God."
  Not having any analogy to help him know what to say, or any reference for his excellent analytic abilities to think about, the anarchist only kneeled in silence and empty thought.
  Then the angel smiled and spoke again in a more amiable voice, "Stand up. The Lord is providing you a chance to lead an alternate life. Leave this place now through the rear buildings annex and you will escape. But remember, God is watching."
  When the angel was gone the anarchist stood and ran. He had no idea how to describe this experience by analogy, but he was happy for a second chance. ?

  天使消失后,无政府主义者站起来跑掉了。他不知道如何用类推的方法描述这次经历,但是他很高兴能有第二次机会 ?
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