ardent a.热心的,热情的,热烈的
arena n.1.表演场地,竞技场 2.活动场所
aristocrat n.贵族
armor n.盔甲,装甲,保护物
armour 见armor

array n.1.展示,陈列,一系列? 2.排列,队形 3.衣服,盛装 4.数组,阵列 vt.1.排列,配置(兵力) 2.打扮,装饰
arrogant a.傲慢的,自大的
arson n.纵火(罪)
artery n.1.动脉? 2.干线,要道
articulate a.1.善于表达的,发音清晰的? 2.表达得清楚有力的? vt.1.明确有力地表达 2.清晰地吐(字),清晰地发(音)

artillery n.1.火炮,大炮? 2.炮兵(部队)
ascend vi.渐渐上升,升高? vt.攀登,登上
ascertain vt.查明,弄清,确定
ascribe vt.1.(to)把...归因于 2.把...归属于
ashore ad.在岸上,上岸

aspiration n.强烈的愿望,志向,抱负
aspire vi.渴望,追求,有志于? [b][color=#ff0000]ass? n.1.笨蛋,傻瓜 2.驴
assassination n.刺杀,暗杀
assault vt.(武力或口头上的)攻击,袭击
assert vt.1.肯定地说,断言 2.维护,坚持

assert oneself 坚持自己的权利,显示自己的权威

The Advent of a New Day
As he drove the armored car around the arena in preparation for the assault on the President, Buck McCoy was having second thoughts. He had never aspired to this level of crime. And it was still quite difficult to ascertain how he had ascended to be given this task by his boss. He had always been good at simple arson and as well as an array of other tasks, but an assassination of the President of Botswana? He wasn't ready for this and he was ready to get his ass out of there.
As Buck thought about it some more, he could only ascribe his involvement to his articulate brother. Always wanting to be among the aristocrats of crime, his brother asserted himself whenever he could into deeper levels of daring. This time,however, his arrogant behavior was going to cause Buck the loss of his life. And Buck didn't like that. Now it was time for him to assert his own thoughts, and he would stay ardent with his decision not to take part in this foolishness.
So he left the arena and drove down to the boat that would take him ashore off the island where he had been testing his artillery.Yes, this was a risk to leave a job like this, but now it was Buck's aspiration to give up crime all together and find a career that was less stressful and damaging to his arteries. Maybe now his health would improve and he could live a less stressful life.

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